OMG! It's SMG!

From Buffy to Ringer: Six Reasons Why Gays Love Sarah Michelle Gellar

She’s Our Damsel in Distress: Sarah is the Jamie Lee Curtis of our generation. She ran, grunted, screamed, got all disheveled, and never made it out alive in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, and The Grudge films. The only thing we love more than a pretty girl with a quivering lip who is powerless against a creepy stalker is the same pretty girl who can kick his butt.  And we know she’s done that.

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  • Paco

    I love the Judge episode, heck yeah Buffy! I thank the gods for SMG!

  • Missourian

    Umm, pretty sure the lesbian kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar was from Cruel Intentions, while it was based on the 18th century french novel Les Liaisons dangereuses (Dangerous Liasons) this was set in NYC, where the novel and other adaptions of it were set in France.

  • Meh

    I’ve only ever liked her in Buffy. Everything else just exploits her weaknesses as an actress. It was like Joss Whedon was some magician who could bring something good out of her that no one else has yet been able to do. She’s either an over-the-top soap style actress when she’s a ‘bad girl’ or she’s a machine that says lines. Her comedy is forced and awful to watch. But maybe that’s unfair. Maybe it’s just a slew of really bad movies with weak writing and vacant direction. Maybe she can get a role in the Avengers next year, so Whedon can do something with her again.

  • christopher di spirito

    I loved ‘Ringer’. There’s much possibility in the script. I can even overlook the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar is a Republican.

    I wonder though if audiences will be able and willing to follow the script? Audiences today like their stories simple and ‘Ringer’ is a bit like reading two books at once.

  • Michael

    @christopher di spirito:

    Yep a republican who is extremely gay friendly supportive of gay marriage rights and hates any organized religion :)

  • Michael

    @christopher di spirito:

    Damn straight to that one.Its like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  • j

    Love it, love her.

  • sam

    Ahhhh!!! SMG *fanboy death*

    She’s always been my favourite since I was a kid. So freakin’ sexy in such an unorthodox way. Her nose is whack, but that’s what makes her so cute! :-)

    Loved her as a scream queen. Her chase scenes in IKWYDLS and Scream 2 are LEGENDARY.

    And Buffy… oh dear God Buffy… has there ever been a show with such consistently good performances, metaphor and story? I doubt it… The underlying analogy you can make with homos is so strong. The scene where she “came out” to her mom about being the Slayer, could’ve been any coming out scene for a gay kid…She (and the show) blew me away.

    Yay for SMG:D

  • Jeff in NYC

    @sam: “Have you tried…NOT being a slayer?” Best show ever!

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