Around The World With Hilarious And Downright Sexy Safe Sex Images

brazil condomsNot ones to miss an opportunity, the Brazilian government is using its World Cup spotlight to address another sort of red flag — irresponsible sex.

We think the idea is great. Here you have a captive audience from across the globe, and I’m sorry but gay or straight, male or female, if those footballers don’t get you in the mood for sweet sweet lovin’, I’m not sure what will.

They’re even passing out a limited edition condom sporting the colors of the Brazilian flag, so, you know, viva Brazil!

Now sports fans can suit up and score the winning goal just like their favorite Brazilian athletes.

So okay, maybe it’s a little chintzy, but when is safe sex marketing not a big chintzy?

Ads need to appeal on a more emotional level than the brain alone, and therein lies the challenge.

Here are some of our favorites from around the globe:

The World Cup isn’t the first world sporting event to get the safe sex wash. Here are a few ads from a series shown during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Brings a whole new meaning to “just do it.”



Here’s a video from Hong Kong that makes condom awareness adorable and sexy at the same time. Bravo.

In Thailand, two guys meet at a bar and get handsy as they head home, only to have things end awkwardly. But as the advert states, “there are things more awkward than getting tested.” Oh good, a happy ending.

Come to think of it, the Thais seem to really have this down:

This ad from Argentina may not apply so much to gay on gay action, but it does get points for creativity.


In the early ’90s in San Francisco, safe sex was branded as “sexy” in and of itself, encouraging guys to become a “rubberman.”


This Australian ad took “rubberman” to a whole new level with this ad targeting the younger set.


The Brits are all about cheeky humor in this short film, 10 Ways A Condom Can’t Help You.