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  • LandStander

    Number 13! Hello swim team, yum!

  • jason

    These pride events have become corporate money events based on vanity and exhibitionism. There’s no dignity in it. Face it – we’ve become the mirror image of sleazy straight. We are no better than straight male perverts who ogle women in bikinis during Spring Break.

    As a community, we gays have failed to live up to what our movement is supposed to be about: rights. We’ve become these hedonistic clones.

  • Jeffree

    @jason: I’m so tired of your bile! As usual, you’re forgetting the real world outside your special confines:

    While you’re ranting about faux lesbians, people of color, sleazy straight guys, Hollywood & manscaping, lots of us are quietly (or noisily) working on local, state, & federal levels to support, maintain & expand rights of LGBTs: marriage, employment, adoption, HÏV prevention / care, DADT, education & the list goes on.

    Go on with your homophobic, mysogyinist, racist, transphobic rants, but don’t pretend for a minute that you have any right to claim superiorilty.

  • Norm

    I agree with Jason. WE are more than dick & holes. PRIDE should represent all of us. The Parties are great, but they are also the only images the Press comes away with and are mostly Shameful in the broader scope of our lives. It’s like “Boys Gone Wild” or the worst of “Spring Break” at most PRIDE Events. That does a great disservice to the other 99% of LGBT Folks who want Full Human Rights, and not just the Right to Party til we puke or Parade around in our underwear. Too many have sacrificed too much for the LGBT Community to continue to be so marginalized.

  • Norm

    PS We can’t really complain if we keep ourselves DOWN in a hedonistic Ghetto.

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