From Memorial Day To Anti-Gay Day

Arlington protesters

Today is meant to be a day of mourning, a day of remembering, a day of honoring. It’s pleasing to know, then, that some folks are actually doing that on Memorial Day, with 365Gay reporting hundreds of LGBT community members are honoring their fallen gays in uniform (where and how they’re honoring them, however, isn’t exactly clear).

But then, of course, there is a small but attention-grabbing group of folks using Memorial Day to promote their anti-gay agenda. The same group of Kansas church members heavily responsible for Congress pushing through a bill banning protesting at military funerals upped their visibility today during a protest at Arlington National Cemetary.

As President Bush layed a wreath and spoke at the cemetary’s annual memorial service honoring war dead, the Kansas group stood about 300 feet away across a four-lane highway, singing “God Hates America” to the tune of “God Bless America” and waving signs reading “God is America’s terror,” “Thank God for dead soldiers,” and “Bush killed them.” And just to make things interestesting, they were joined by their foils: supporters of conservative countered the Kansas group’s barely audible (thanks to motorcycle roars) protesting with their own chants and signs.

And at last, we’ve got a small reason to be thankful for the right-wing.

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