From Prison, Stephen Kelly Wrote His Ex-Lover Letters About Cutting Off His Head and Eating His Body

“The grossest threats I think I have ever heard” is how Judge Geoffrey Marson described attempted murder convict Stephen Kelly’s handwritten threats to his ex-lover Paul Coombes, where he threatened to decapitate him, then mail his head to his mother, and eat his body.

Kelly (pictured) is in prison in Britain for attempting to murder Coombes with a claw hammer last June after Coombes, who had let Kelly stay with him after breaking up with a girlfriend, demanded he leave after Kelly brought home a 15-year-old girl. The two men had also developed a sexual relationship — but we can imagine the physical attraction is gone, now that Kelly is writing from prison about how he would use a blow torch to make Coombes chest “crisp” unless he dropped the charges against Kelly.

Indeed, Kelly just added a whole new time frame to his prison release date.