Protests, Pranks And Prohibitions: The Year In Public Nudity


Stage nudity comes to off-Broadway
The farce The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side returned to New York over the summer, bemusing audiences with a tale of polyamorous bisexual hipsters sharing an apartment and fending off gentrification. Pipers raised eyebrows (among other things) for featuring the only fully erect penis on the New York stage.

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  • Spike

    The best had to be the Atlantis Cruise couple fcuking on the balcony, denying it, all the Queerty comments supporting their denial and hating on Atlantis for including Dominica only to be completely humiliated when pics came out showing EXACTLY what they were accused of doing and denying. Def. a highlight of 2012.

  • Wilbready

    Number 11 has to be my fav! Although, seeing the actual pic of the couple engaging in a very public sex act has changed my mind about that incident. I had thought they were in their room and it was witnessed by someone on land with a telescope, NOPE, they should have known better!

  • sdartnut

    The article seemed to show penises when they were photographs, as in the case of the museum. That would seem a form of self-censorship. Blocking out penises would seem to concede that censorship is acceptable. What is the policy of such sites as Queerty on showing penis?

  • Wilbready

    YEAH, SHOW THE PENISES, (too gay?)


    For all of you mother fucker, Christian drop dead!. I call Israel, to kill all the Christian, in your country.

  • Rusty

    I went to the site to see about ordering the calender but I think that they will be
    covering their penises there as well, so what’s the sense of having a so called
    naked calender with no penises? Naked means showing penises.

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