From Their Lips To God’s Ears: 21 Secret LGBT Struggles With Religion

There’s an instinctual flinch in our community where sexuality and religious faith intersect. And for good reason. For many LGBT people growing up in strict religious households, rigid belief systems can mean the difference between acceptance and disownment.

It really boils down to whether or not someone takes the time to think things through on their own. If you only base your beliefs on what someone else tells you, there’s bound to be trouble.

In a video that went viral of a boy coming out to his religious parents a few months ago, the mother explains to her son that “you can deny it all you want to, but I believe in the word of God and God creates nobody that way. It’s a path that you have chosen to choose.” There’s nowhere to go from there, really — the boy gets kicked to the curb.

We were interested in hearing from more people caught in the conflict of religious prejudice, so we asked the team at Whisper to see what they could find.

The stories they came back with are powerful, telling and often tragic.

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I just snuck out to have  gay sex while I'm on a Christian Mission trip.  I'm fucked

I'm a gay Christian. I'm always afraid to tell people, because everyone says the topics are oil and water: can't mix. But I feel they can fit together really well.

Sometimes I wish my Christian peers knew I'm gay. Just to show them that even a homosexual can be committed and loving to God.

I am a gay Christian... I just can't believe God would deprive me of love... When the very concept is based on love...

Being a gay muslim man, I love seeing ass at prayer time.

I'm a living contradiction. I'm a gay Christian who is a scientist.

As a gay kid, I love seeing gay-hating Christians. It makes me realize I really am the good Christian!

So my pastor told me that the only way to be gay and a Christian is to basically: stay single, and never have sex. Celibacy is the only way. I cried.

i finally got the nerve to come out as gay to my very christian, very conservative parents. they just hugged me and said

I am Gay Muslim and I struggle so hard not to tell anyone as I know this will be my death sentence...  I just wished I could just put an end to this....  I didn't choose to be like this

 I am a pansexual teenager living with very religious parents. I watched the

I don't know who I am. I am confused, lost, and tired of trying to be a Christian. The only thing my faith does is kill who I am in side. I am gay, I like guys. I cannot change who I am to please the world. Jesus tried and he died on a cross. What is my end?

I came out to my mom a while ago who is an insane born again Christian (she's even in a cult) and she just kinda ignored it. Today I was snooping in her room and saw a book on how to accept your child being a lesbian, I cried for 20 mins

I am gay and a Catholic. I'll respect the choices and lifestyles of gay people who do not share my faith, but in return I hope they can respect my choice to be celibate and live by my faith.

I want to come out to my family, but they're so religious that they shut off the tv when anything that supports being gay is on.  I'm terrified of them hating me and kicking me out.

My dad is a very devout Christian. I was terrified of coming out to him because of his views. He said

My mom sent me to and all girls Christian school cuz I'm gay. Let's just say I've had more sex here then at my old school.????

I'm 27 yr old guy from Saudi Arabia, Muslim of course. I became a refugee two yrs ago in Canada because I am gay, thinking things will be much easier. Yet, it's not less complicated.

Today I came out to my religious family. I couldn't believe they said they would still love me no matter what. I cried so hard because I never expected that.

When I came out to my parents as bisexual they said

I told my catholic mom I was gay at 16. She disowned me and I left home. I'm 20 now and she wants me back as a son...I don't know how to react...