Fruitcake Interns Wanted


Are you looking for a way to break into the writing and publishing biz? Do you want to get school credit for going to parties and getting free stuff and downloading pictures of naked men? Did you try desperately to land an internship with Details to no avail? Then don’t worry. Queerty is looking for an intern and you just might be the queer for us.

We are looking for a spitfire of a personality, someone detail oriented and ready to shake things up around here. The responsibilities will be varied. We see our intern writing and publishing articles, interviewing celebs, making media contacts, and photographing key events. They will also get free stuff, invites to the best parties, and their very own .queerty email address. Yes, we know, every queen wants one.

We’d prefer a New Yorker, but being Manhattan-based is not a requirement. So if you have a dream of working in the journalism and publicity industry someday and think you can add something to our little gay site then shoot Bradford a note. Include your name, contact info, location, and a brief bio in the body of your email. You do not need to send us a resume. We’re only a blog.

This could be your big gay break.