Ft. Worth Blah Blah Gay Benefits Blah Conservatives Blah Blah


Following the Rainbow Lounge’s Stonewall-style raid, a Ft. Worth task force is — whodathunk — trying to make the city more gay friendly. Like, by enacting proposals “extending domestic-partner benefits to gay couples, considering a company’s record on gay and lesbian issues when approving tax breaks, and including gender reassignment surgery in the city health insurance plan. City employees would also receive training on dealing with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.” Then scaremongers, like the folks at the Liberty Legal Foundation, remind everyone that Texas amended its constitution to ban gay marriage, and if Ft. Worth allows these things, the sky will fall. Just like it did in Dallas, Austin, and El Paso when those cities enacted benefits and protections for gays. Oh, the sky is still there?