Ft. Worth Police Let Themselves Off the Hook in Rainbow Lounge Raid


Sure, there were allegations of excessive violence. And departmental violations in approving the Rainbow Lounge raid. But the Ft. Worth Police Department will clear itself of any wrongdoing in the much-anticipated report that will be released tomorrow. And it’s 1,000 pages of excuses.

Yes, that’s three zeroes. The lengthy conclusion from an internal investigation will say the only thing police did wrong was write up their report late; it was filed the next day after gay rights groups got involved, not immediately after the cops’ shift. Nope, no findings of excessive violence.

Which means nobody is going to be fired! Though, there might be some ceremonial wrist slapping for good measure, just so Chief Jeff Halstead can look like he levied some punishments.

It sure is curious that the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission admitted it violated policy, but FWPD are completely innocent of tossing anyone to the ground! (On Thursday, TABC will also release results of an investigation into whether the two agents — one of whom has homosexual friends! — it already fired used excessive force.)

As for Chad Gibson, who spent weeks in the hospital recovering from his brain injury during the raid? It’s going to be a hard time arguing the police should face criminal charges when their own department puts them in the clear.