Ft. Worth Suspends 3 Cops For 5 Days Because They … Generated Bad Publicity?!


A total of five days worth of suspensions. That’s what the Ft. Worth Police just handed three officers involved in the Rainbow Lounge bar raid. Following a 1,000-page report resulting from an internal investigation that found no cops used excessive force, officer K.Q. Gober (for not completing a timely report and generating negative media attention) and Sgt. R.M. Morris (“poor judgment in his tactics” conducting the raid) will each be suspended one day, while J.M. Back gets three days off. Why’d Back get a heavier slap? For “handcuffing a person without probable cause, for releasing that person without issuing a citation, bringing unfavorable criticism to the police department and for failing to complete offense reports the night of the arrest.” Indeed, these cops are being punished more for attracting bad press than any actual wrongdoing.

(Pictured: FWPD Chief Jeff Halstead)

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  • michael

    Fuck Texas! There I said it…and I live in Dallas (which I happen to like) but 85% of this state is ridiculous.

  • Keith Kimmel

    Absolutely fucking disgusting. Disgraceful. They ought to be ashamed…

  • alan brickman

    go out and protest already!!!

  • Finallink

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