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Ft. Worth Won’t Prosecute Chad Gibson, Whose Head Was Bashed In By Police During Rainbow Lounge Raid


While the Atlanta Police Department and Atlanta Eagle patrons sort out whether they’re gonna go full lawsuit on each other, some good news from Ft. Worth’s Rainbow Lounge raid: Charges against Chad Gibson, who spent nearly a week in ICU treating a brain injury that allegedly resulted from a police assault, are being dropped.

The idiotic attempt to go after Gibson for public intoxication wasn’t just a legal mishap; it was a serious mistake as this whole thing played out in public. Gibson and fellow patron George Armstrong were facing trial in less than three weeks on Class C misdemeanor charges; Dylan Brown and Jose Macias, Rainbow Lounge patrons also facing charges, will not be prosecuted either.

A result of the prosecutor’s office realizing it had a flawed case? Or them realizing that if Gibson et. al were forced to face a courtroom, then they’d drag out all the dirty secrets of the Ft. Worth Police Department (which suspended three cops) and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (which admitted its agents violated policy)?