Fun In The Sun: The 10 Best Gay Beaches In The World

If Pride just whet your appetite for, ahem, the male form, there is good news: shirtless season has just begun. It’s the perfect time to plan that sun-soaked beach gaycation you’ve been fantasizing about all winter and spring. From Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta to Sydney’s North Bondi Beach (above).

To make your search for the perfect beach town easier, GayCities just released its annual list of the 10 best gay beaches around the world—and included great photos and handy tips (like where you can drop trou if you like). Now you’ll never get lost in the dunes–unless you want to, of course.

Did we omit your favorite sandy oasis? Toss a message in a bottle in the comments.

Click to see the 10 best gay beaches in the world for 2012.

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  • ken


  • Lefty

    I said the beach be one of the best things we got,
    Where it’s not what you have on but what you not.
    And I want that stink and I want that sweat,
    In fact the beach be better than most things get.
    In fact the beach be one of the best things we got.
    Where it’s not what you have on but what you have not.

  • Spike

    At the time of this post, total fail on the link:

    “Click to see the 10 best gay beaches in the world for 2012.”

  • Wow

    Queerty should stop these broken link bait re-posts of GayCities. GayCities is a horrible site.

  • Chuck

    The link fails, but if anyone hasn’t been, Haulover beach in Miami is amazing.

  • samwise

    @ken: Where is that beach?

  • Charli

    Yeah: but where are the ladies??? Hmmmm?
    Nothing for us EVER!!!!! Grrrrrr

  • David

    As someone who has spent a lot of wonderful summers at Fire Island and Ogunguit, as well as Venice Beach, East Hampton et al, I prefer the beaches in Tel Aviv. Swimming is a joy! The water is warm and clean, the beaches are protected by artificial bays and the men are gorgeous!

  • paul

    Bondi Beach Sydney! Yeah…

  • p-candotorg

    Really this is dreadful poor listing
    How about Ibiza, Maui, Mykonos, St.Tropez, Cape D’Adge and the list go’s on with many more.
    A fab time does not include always
    beach cafeteria,restaurants setting pumping music & noise!
    I just imagine the editor some ol’daddy
    who goes on walks in Central park.
    Forgive me for bitching but really the list sucks and I have been around the world
    say 100x at least

  • jared t. henry

    Rehoboth Beach in the stale state of Deleware, USA rocks our assess! Poodle Beach & North Shores has more eye-candy than one can handle at one time.

  • akhil

    It is sad that we in the uae cannot watch the best rated gay beaches to plan a holiday
    i tried my level best to open the article with the pctiures and names, but left frustrated, as the sites were all blocked. queerty must try to make this available thriugh soem other mention than the word gay as any site with gay and naked or nude is blocked .

    Web sites with queer names for gays is what will work for all gays in the restricted economies of the world.

  • FannyLove

    The best gay beaches I’ve found were Costa da Caparica, south of Lisbon, Portugal and Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. I wrote an article about Sandy Bay, see here:

    Sandy Bay is a really secluded stretch of coastline, about 10 miles east of Cape Town. You park on the edge of Llandudno village, and take a trail that becomes a boardwalk out into the wilds.

    The coast is really a collection of several different beaches, known collectively as Sandy Bay, terminating in a wonderful plage sauvage of pure white sand, green ocean, boulders and milkwood trees coming right down past enormous dunes. Lots of hot ZA men, all cruising, some naked, and international tourists too. A wonderful, earthly paradise!

    And my favourite European beach is Paragem 19, just north of Fonte da Telha. It’s south of Lisbon in Portugal, easy to reach from the capital. This again is a wild beach with no buildings or developments, just miles of pale sand, dunes, very dense scrubland and wooded areas, and on any given day between May and October, you’ll find hundreds of men cruising here in the hot afternoon sun. Portuguese men tend to be very handsome, masculine and virile, many parading around in tiny swimsuits with buff bodies. I’ve seen so much eye-candy here, it’s amazing. Lots of French guys come on holiday here too, as well as the occasional Brit or American. Unlike so many of the brusque Northern European gay guys (Londoners mostly being the unfriendliest), the local guys here are very friendly, with zero attitude and as hot as hell, both to look at and to play with.

    If you want to know more about my travels to gay beaches and gay cities, see my blog. Just google “Fanny Love”. I’m a Texan-born transvestite, now living in England.

    Fanny x

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