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Fun With Huckabee’s Pious Numbers!

Mike Huckabee continues to grab headlines as his numbers continue to climb. HuffPo’s Sam Stein drops some virtual ink today to explore the Republican’s intractable commitment to faith based poltics. We won’t ruin the surprise – Falwell loved him, Huck ruled Arkansas with a Bible-holding fist – but we will share these statistics:

In his 2001 book, “Living Beyond Your Lifetime,” Huckabee cited Scripture 44 times, made more than 100 references to God, 20 mentions of Jesus, and six remarks on the Ten Commandments in a scant 210 pages.

The book’s premise was that one’s faith and character were the basis for future success. And not surprisingly, such a treatise has rolled over to Huckabee’s current run for the White House. Asked to explain his recent rise in the polls, he once again resorted to the providential. “There’s only one explanation for it,” Huckabee proclaimed, “and it’s not a human one.”

Because God has time to answer pollsters, but not the billions and billions of people who pray everyday.