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Fund This: A Feature Length Documentary About Gaymers

With five days to go, Gaming In Color, hopes to secure an additional $9,000 to reach it’s $50K in order to film a feature documentary about “one of the fastest growing communities in the fastest growing entertainment sector in the world: Gaming.” The plan is to highlight the LGBTQ and female presence in gaming from design to players and the challenges they face.

According to the project, a “gamer” is so narrowly defined that it doesn’t accurately portray the “mosaic”of personalities and perspectives within the community. However, the film isn’t focused on the negative but rather the triumphs of those who have broken down barriers and pushed the world of gamers forward. The hope is that the more money the project receives, the more stories and people it can capture.

The deadline of the project is May 11, so if you’re interested in contributing – do it now. Also, how can one not love this GIF charting the way to success: