Funny Or Die’s Billy Eichner: I’m Not Too Famous For Grindr!

We’ve loved out comic Billy Eichner since catching his manic live talk show, Creation Nation, some years back (Joan Rivers was the guest!)

Well, Eichner’s profile has certainly risen since then: His Funny Or Die ambush-interview show, Billy on the Street, airs on Fuse, and Billy himself has popped up on the Wendy Williams Show, Watch What Happens Live and Conan.

Our sister in scandal Michael Musto chatted with Eichner about his show, celebrities he loves (and hates), and life as an out celebrity. We were most intrigued by how being on TV affects Billy’s dating life:

I know you’re single, but do you want to be? Ultimately, no, but I don’t think I’d be a very good boyfriend right now. I’m either yelling at people on the street or I’m very tired and irritable. I’m protecting someone by staying single.

Are you too much of a celebrity to be on Grindr? I don’t think I’m too much of a celebrity, but those things are good for a quick fix, and, ultimately, I don’t know if you get much out of it. I imagine it’s very time-consuming. I was on it years ago, but I don’t have the patience for it.

Wait, how can a quick fix be so time-consuming? It’s getting to the quick fix. The whole rigmarole. But I do love Twitter and Facebook. They’re better for comedy than sex, though.

Oh Billy, we’d “poke” you any day!

Read Musto’s full interview here. Billy on the Street returns to Fuse in December.