Drink up

Fyre Fest organizer who almost blew guy for case of Evian water is new face of Evian water

There’s bad marketing, good marketing, and genius marketing. This falls in that third category.

It was exactly this time last year that the world met Andy King.

King shot to fame for his interview in the Netflix documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened. In the film, which recounts the disastrous Fyre Festival, King reveals that at one point Fyre CEO Billy McFarland ordered him to perform oral sex on the Bahamian Minister of Customs in exchange for shipments of Evian water. The more shocking confession: King was actually willing to do it.

“I literally drove home, took a shower, drank some mouthwash, and got in my car to drive across the island to take one to the team,” King revealed during the film. “I got to his office fully prepared to suck his d**k.

“I was going to do that, honestly, to save the festival.”

Well, the newest face of Evian water is… drumroll please… Andy King!

Speaking to PEOPLE, King said: “One year ago, I shared with the world my willingness to ‘take one for the team’ to bring Evian to thirsty festival-goers… and unexpectedly became an internet sensation overnight.”

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“On the first anniversary, Evian is dropping a special bottle with an all-new slogan in honor of my infamous team spirit.

“As a long-time Evian fan — of both the water itself and the brand’s sustainable practices — I could not be more thrilled!” he added.

The slogan? “So good, you’d do anything for it.”