Pride 2017

G-strings, LaCroix Bois & Gloria Gaynor: Big Dipper’s Pride sounds like utter perfection

Big Dipper performing at Portland Pride in 2015

Pride season is upon us, and this year we’re ringing it in by spotlighting the folks who make us proud to show up to work each day — the artists, activists, performers and personalities who make our community shine.

Big Dipper is the raunchy big boy bear of internet rap. His unique sound and catchy wordplay challenge typical hip-hop tropes, and his fat boy style brings all the boys to the yard. Big Dipper’s live show has been performed all over the world; and with well over 1M views on his youtube channel, he is best known for his music videos: Drip Drop , Meat Quotient , Skank and Vibin’.

What are you working on right now that brings you pride?

Well, I just recently moved to LA and I’ve been working on music and videos that bring me joy and aren’t clouded with expectation of what I think people want to hear from me. Making work that feels authentic and true to my own sensibility is so much more rewarding. My new music video “LaCroix Boi” was a total labor of love that came out of a joke about LaCroix water and developed into a whole song and video. I’m super proud of the visual and my growth as an artist.

Describe your first pride for us.

I believe my first pride was in Chicago, where I used to live, and I was working with an organization that was marching in the parade. I got to walk the whole parade route and it was exhilarating to feel the energy and love and excitement from the crowd. It was like over an over of being bombarded with smiles and support.

Most awkward pride moment?

Literally any pride ever when I try and hit on someone… that’s guaranteed awkwardness.

Which city’s pride is on your bucket list and why?

Omigosh… I like smaller prides, where you can see and meet everyone and really get a sense of the city. I’d love to go to Salt Lake City or St. Louis or Louisville…

Does Pride feel different this year? 

I think there is more of an understanding of the history and the root of Pride and the movement for equality. Realizing the Pride is a celebration of queer uprising and standing up for one another… and not just a dance party sponsored by a bank. If we are going to show strong and resilient opposition to the bigots in office, we have to be unified.

Ultimate pride song?

Gloria Gaynor – “I am What I am”

Your ideal pride outfit?

G-string, sunhat, sneakers… riding a hoverboard.

What are you doing for Pride this year?

I’m going to be on the road a bunch in June; performing in Seattle for the Volunteer Park Pride Festival, in Hudson, NY for their Pride parade and an afterparty; then playing in Portland, OR for a Local Queen Pride Party, Toronto for Chunk at the Black Eagle, Headlining at Navy Pier for Pride in Chicago, and probably a few more things… so I’ll be on airplanes for Pride this year 🙂