GA Mayor Takes Bold Stand Against Sweet Transvestites, Time Warps

Wayne Garner the mayor of Carrollton, Georgia shut down a community theater’s production of The Rocky Horror Show at the city-owned Carrollton Cultural Arts Center after viewing a video clip from the show’s rehearsal. Garner said, “I found it very offensive, not in keeping with the community of Carrolton, if you will.”

Wait? You mean that bisexual transvestites, Frankenstein-style sex slaves, and cannibalism aren’t community values? It makes you wonder if the CCAC has ever done a production of Titus Andronicus.

The show has decided to stage its October 27th production at a privately-owned stage elsewhere in the city, something Garner says he has no problem with. In the meanwhile, they have a Facebook page with over 2,000 “likes” for people to express their disapproval of the mayor’s actions.

Garner said, “I know this community well and if that play was allowed to proceed [at the CCAC], we’d be run out of town.” So perhaps it’s not the show that Garner finds risqué so much as the prospect of being lynched by his own townspeople.

But Rocky Horror actor and tax payer Jarrett Jones makes the best point about the real losers in this dispute, the Carrollton citizens deprived of challenging theater. “[Theater] should be something that makes you think, that puts a fire underneath you, that makes you enraged or absolutely delighted.”

Damn right.