GA Print Company Won’t Print The “Immoral” Gay Yellow Pages

Media Graphix, a print shop based in Norcross, Georgia recently refused to estimate the cost for 2,500-5,000 copies of a Gay Community Yellow Pages media kit because of the print company’s “Moral Objection Policy” which rejects materials that “promote or advertise homosexuality such as gay pride.” This is weird seeing as the 2002 policy didn’t stop the company from printing Gay Community Yellow Pages materials in March of 2010.

It’s also seemingly immoral for a company that states that “Media Graphix is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against hiring regardless of sex, age, religion, or sexual orientation,” adding that “Homosexual owners of legitimate businesses are welcome and not to be discriminated against.”

Media Graphix should probably print a new copy of store policies which expressly forbid immoral companies practices against LGBT businesses.