GA Teachers Axe Student-Council President For Trying To Welcome Gays To Prom

Reuben Lack, the student-body president at Alpharetta High School in Alpharetta, GA, wanted prom to be more inclusive for LGBT students, so he suggest a resolution at a meeting in January that would rebrand the prom king and queen competition as simply “prom court.”

What a nice thing to do—especially considering Lack is straight.

But the student council’s faculty advisor, Michelle Werre, didn’t like where that was going and silenced the discussion before a formal vote could be taken. At the next council meeting Lack (right) tried again to raise the issue, but was cut off by Werre.

“A week after that, he is called into a meeting with the two faculty advisers for student council, and they inform him, ‘We’re sorry, but you are no longer president of the student council,” Lack’s attorney, James Radford, told the Atlanta-based magazine Fenuxe. “It was that abrupt.”


Yep, Lack and his family are taking Werre and fellow advisor Emily Reiser—as well as principal Shannon Kersey—to federal court. The Lacks had tried to reach an agreement with the school without resorting to a lawsuit, but were greeted by a “dismissive letter” from the school’s lawyer. Lack is looking to be reinstated as student council president, as well as unspecified punitive and compensatory damages.

Good for you, Reuben, for standing up for what you believe in and letting your school know they don’t operate in a vacuum. And congratulations on having some awesome parents.

Source: Fenuxe. Photos: YouTube, Philthecow