The Gayest And Greatest GIFs Of The 2015 Oscars

channing-oscarGIFs via Les Fabian Brathwaite

The 87th annual Academy Awards were last night, and while you may have varying opinions on the success of host Neil Patrick Harris, the nearly four hour telecast offered up some memorable moments. Not nearly four hours worth, but like Hollywood, there were more misses than hits. But let’s took at the big, fat, gay hits from the 2015 Oscars.

Here are the gayest GIFs from the 2015 Academy Awards.


The opening number was treacly and more sincere than I’m comfortable seeing with NPH, but it did offer this touching moment.


Benedict Cumberbatch doing and saying what everyone in the audience was thinking by the last hour of the show.


Shirley MacLaine’s sequined pantsuit


The performance of “Everything is Awesome” featuring sapphic sister duo, Tegan and Sara.


NPH giving the clothes off of his back for a laugh.


Chris Evans’ beard.


Anytime Meryl was on-screen. Like this reaction to her Into the Woods nomination clip.


Or Meryl and J.Lo screaming “YAS!” at Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette for preaching about equal wages for women.


And of course, this skirtsuit.


Meanwhile, the In Memoriam notably left out Joan Rivers. [Ed. note: And Elaine Stritch].


Jennifer Hudson reminding us all why she has an Oscar with her soul-stirring performance after the Rivers-less In Memoriam.


David Oyelowo and Chris Pines’ man-tears after John Legend and Common brought down the house with their performance of “Glory.”


This incredibly creepy moment between Adele Dazeem and Glom Gazingo.


Lady Gaga making it rain glitter and unicorns with her epic Sound of Music tribute. Also, just gonna say it, Voice of a Generation.


National treasure Julie Andrews approved.


Though the greatest (if not gayest) moment at the Oscars belonged to Best Adapted Screenplay winner Graham Moore. First of all, this queen won life when Oprah called his name, “Everybody gets a new car!” style.


Then he got a hug and a kiss from Benedict Cumberbatch.


Pretty sure he just died a little when this happened.


And he gave the most moving speech of the night. Watch this and try not tearing up:



John Stamos approved. And I approve John Stamos.

[Ed. note: in the biggest upset of the night, turns out Graham Moore’s not gay. Still, what he said certainly resounds for LGBT kids around the country. So gay or not, go ‘head queen!]

Les Fabian Brathwaite, so glad Julianne Moore finally has an Oscar, is awaiting Annette Bening’s to right the injustice of the world.

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  • Faulk

    Gaga was just incredible!

  • Low Country Boy

    @Faulk: Agreed. And to the author, Mr. Brathwaite, I would also add Glenn Close in the “Why Haven’t They Won an Oscar Yet?” Club.

  • enlightenone

    Looking forward to CHRIS PINE winning an Oscar for an updated version of Brokeback Mountain!

  • Cam

    Ahhhhh, look, Travolta is pretending he thinks women are pretty.

  • NoCagada

    Looks like Travolta got his old toupee back from his last male ex-lover who sued him

  • lauraspencer

    Based on the poor ratings last night compared to previous years the Oscars 2016 will be abit less gay.

    The only thing that stood out about NPH was his obviously padded crotch which had no place at the Academy Awards. Maybe the MTV Movie Awards or a Comedy Central Roast, but not the Oscars. NPH was unable to read the audience and his material often fell flat.

    Graham Moore was great and hopefully with his success we no longer have to hear about Dustin Lance “hack” Black.

  • Arconcyyon

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  • Desert Boy

    Lady Gaga was magnificent. Who knew she could sing like that? Just wow!

    John Ravolta made me sick to my stomach. He’s gross.

    Neil Patrick Harris. I’ve always enjoyed ‘stone face’ as an “MC”, but last night it became clear he was in over his head. Not as terrible as David Letterman but close.

    Finally, Oprah. Big Mama O. Those ginormous, untamed Mother Africa titties are appalling with your 50lbs. weight gain. Lose weight or cover that shit up.

  • Sansacro

    Gaga was fine, but not as great as Julie, who could really hit those high notes with greater force.

  • Sansacro

    Btw, the ratings down by around 10% from last year. Guess NPH wont be back.

  • Ladbrook

    A) Travolta should move on and just go bald. Shoe-black fake hair is not a good look on anyone, ever.

    B) I’m now desperately hoping that Hollywood will pair Chris Evans and Chris Pine in a classic, big budget gay romantic drama.

    C) fashion derby: Gold to Lupita; Silver to Rosamund Pike; Bronze to Meryl.

    D) NPH in y-fronts finally answered a question I’ve had for a few years: Neil is definitely the Top in that family.

  • xzall

    Ratings has more to do with movies nominated than host.

    Also the screenwriter Graham Moore has publicly come out as straight in all his interviews.

  • Caine

    Gaga did a great job. But if she is “the voice of a generation” then I sure am glad it ain’t my generation. Yikes.

  • TransParency_

    Why is Queerty pushing for the Academy to honor a despicable, outspoken, unapologetic transphobe like Joan Rivers?.

  • musctop

    …Harris should have thrown in the other gym sock.

  • IvanPH

    Joan Rivers is more of a stand up comic and tv host rather than an actress.

    Graham Moore is straight… so he says.

    Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews.,. the most divine moment of the night.

    NPH was good but not as memorable as Ellen and Seth McFarlane… who was great despite all the criticisms especially for that ,We Saw Your Boobs’ song. In fact, he should come back. I want the offensive and politically incorrect jokes back.

    Most disappointing is Birdman winning best picture. Ugh. Sure, the fake one shot gimmick worked but it’ still an utterly meaningless and pointless film.

  • aliengod

    @TransParency_: You’re an idiot! Joan Rivers was awesome and to be snubbed by the Oscars was unforgivable.

  • CityBoy300

    @Transparency – Love her or hate her, Joan Rivers’ red-carpet coverage was often the most entertaining portion of this endless publicity blowout. She brought new life to the awards pre-show, and that alone deserved a mention.

  • Milk

    @xzall: That’s the beauty of his speech while many assume he was a 16 year old gay boy attempted suicide and now being an Oscar winner. The whole message is the conformity of society created this rigid standard that discriminate against individuals who are different.

  • jantheman4903

    @lauraspencer: thank GOD for you. everything i wasn’t thinking and proud i wasn’t.

  • jjose712

    @lauraspencer: Only too things, first Graham Moore is not gay (or at least that’s what he said), and second, you can hate Dustin Lance Black as much as you want, but his screenplay for Milk was great something i can’t say about Moore’s the imitation game.

    And i know people assumed he is gay (let’s be honest, i was not the speech what made people believe he is gay in first place) but being straight probably made more understable why the screenplay was a total degaying approach of Alan Turing.

    Apart of that his speech was great

  • Sweet Boy

    Lady GaGa rocked the house…..eat your heart out Madonna !!!

  • lauraspencer


    Joan Rivers had worked in film…THE SMURFS, SHREK 2, SERIAL MOM, SPACEBALLS, RABBIT TEST etc. Her contribution to the academy wasn’t really her body of film work but more that she created and revolutionized the red carpet pre-show with her fashion critiques.

    If the producers could take the time to include Misty Upham, who in her short career basically had a bit role in AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY and some TV movie roles and short films then they certainly could have included Rivers.

  • enlightenone

    @Ladbrook: “B) I’m now desperately hoping that Hollywood will pair Chris Evans and Chris Pine in a classic, big budget gay romantic drama.”

    If we are going to keep it non-interracial, Chris Evans as the lover/husband after the loss of Jack Twist and Chris Pines as Ennis del Mar. Perfect!

  • lauraspencer

    @jjose712…where did I say Graham Moore was gay. I did not say that.

    As for Dustin Lance “Hack” Black if you do research and look into the MILK projet you will see that Ron Nyswaner was the actual writer behind the project, but DLB got the credit for marketing/political reasons.

    Isn’t it interesting that DLB was supposedly so talented to “write” MILK yet his films since have been quite weak? The reason?? Because he was not truly the only one responsible for MILK.

  • dhmonarch89

    Joan also wrote and directed films- Rabbit Test and didn’t she write Look Who’s Talking? Finding out G Moore is str8 makes me think I need to go in and have my gaydar tuned up! But- if true, it does explain the lazy writing on Imitation Game (Turing DID NOT commit treason!) Neil was bland- show’s writing was dull- I guess that’s what you get for hiring Greg Berlanti as head writer- he writes/produces teen show- Arrow/Flash, not exactly Oscar or even comedy pedigree…..Best part of night- by far- Lady Gaga- and when Julie walked out and embraced her- HEAVEN!!

  • KM201

    @lauraspencer: It’s not so much that it will be less gay, but it will most certainly be more black. There will be a record number of African American nominees next year; even if they are unwarranted or undeserving. The media may not want to acknowledge it, but the ratings drop stems solely from the Selma and (the incredibly underreported) Dear White People snubs this year. The Oscars will take note. It is a business after all.

  • TrekBear

    David Burtka is one lucky man!

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    Wait! What? That Graham Moore boy claims to be str8?

    This calls for an investigation.

    All of my sisters and brothers around the country, hell, world, would beg to differ unless we have collectively lost all of our gaydar abilities.

    Well, he can be whatever he wants but sure fooled me.

  • Curtispsf

    @Arconcyyon: Would love to see an English translation of this post.

  • Blackceo

    I was a bit underwhelmed with Neil Patrick Harris’ job as host. Too many of his jokes fell flat. I mean the bit with David Oyelowo (which by the way is it really hard to pronounce O Yellow O) was just bad. Also, did the Academy feel as though they needed him to interact with every Black person there as a need to compensate for their lack of diversity in the nominees this year? He is talented and hosting the Oscars is a very tough job, but I just found it underwhelming. His schtick is much better as host of the Tonys. He claims that there was no sock enhancement but rather an additional pair of underwear had to be sewn in because the lights would see through if he only had one pair. I’m not sure I’m believing its just that because that was a very wide penis head.

    Common and John Legend’s performance of Glory and their subsequent speeches were the highlight of the night for me. That performance also had me emotional. well deserved standing O!!!! Patricia Arquette’s woman power equal pay speech was also great, as was Graham Moore’s “stay weird, stay different” speech. Also, the discussions about suicide and Alzheimer’s. It actually was great that each nominated best picture won an Oscar and that many of the winners used that stage to bring awareness to social issues.

  • BGinBigD

    NPH was eh as host. Gaga was INCREDIBLE! Chris Evans is a god! And Graham Moore is GAY (no one is that Nellie and straight).

    • Sammy Schlipshit


      I completely agree with your assessments. Opening number was so bad it was as though it was produced by a str8 man.

      I had no idea GA-GA could sing like that. Good for her. Maybe now a lot of us will pay more attention.

      Chris Evans….slurp.

      ….and that sad Graham Moore.
      Maybe to his mom.
      Now we know why he battles depression. Staying that deep in the closet is a real bummer.
      Maybe we should introduce him to Dustin Lance Black. He seems to have a good track record showing our reluctant young’uns the way over the rainbow.

  • orfunnyhaha

    Julie Andrews is a National Treasure… in Britain.

  • Ladbrook

    @DarkZephyr: Well, in her defense, I think she was generalizing with respect to other groups who also suffer from discrimination… a sort of “we should all be helping each other” kind of thing.

    That being said, I wish she had directed her comments directly at the film industry bigwigs who regularly pay men more than women – in front of and behind the cameras. The Sony hacks more than demonstrated that sexism (and racism) are alive and well in modern day Hollywood.

  • spiffy

    I have a feeling people are wowed by Gaga’s performance because she’s being seen only as a pop star, not a “real” singer. I thought she was good, but not great — any Broadway-caliber singers could have done an equally good if not better job. But this was The Oscars, not The Tonys… God forbid if they had brought in somebody like Audra McDonald to sing the medley instead.

    Some other web site showed a close-up shot of NPH in that underwear… Those Y-fronts were not doing his back side any favors.

  • lauraspencer

    @Ladbrook….I thought the same thing about Patricia. Why not clean up your own house (the hollywood one)? She didn’t mention Sony and Amy Pascal. Amy Pascal is a woman who has held women back.

  • inbama

    Shame on you, Patricia Arquette.
    This is what happens when we allow people assigned female at birth to speak for women.

  • Tackle

    In the case of Graham Moore, there is no more wondering. No need to research, look into,hope or pray. He’s straight! Get over it and him and move on.Let the man be. When you have someone young, cute and White, gays want them for the team.

  • SportGuy

    Most exciting part of show, getting to see NPH in his underwear! Hot.

  • Blackceo


    Hmmm…well I do see that point. I’m actually surprised I didn’t pick up on that because I was the first to criticize some White gays on election night in 2008 when they said “you got your Black President but voted to deny our rights” That also lacked the intersectionality of Black LGBT’s. I don’t think Patricia Arquette was meaning to exclude women of color and LGBT women of color but the whole issue of intersectionality is a good point.

    As for this “debate” on Graham Moore’s sexual orientation…this is exactly why what he said was important. He obviously felt as though he was “weird and different” because of these stupid social norms regarding masculinity. There are some heterosexual guys who are a little more “feminine” acting. These kids are often teased incessantly because people just assume they are gay and are lying about it. I don’t think he’d give such a speech and be lying about who he is. Let that man live and the rest of us need to just say in our lanes.

    I enjoyed Lady Gaga and this could be a reinvention of herself for a new career track. Surprise of Julie Andrews coming out was great. She has aged wonderfully by the way. I cringed at John Travolta touching Idina Menzel’s face. I don’t like anyone but my fiancé touching my face and even then I’m asking if he’s washed his hands. Travolta was just creepy period and don’t even get me started on that lacefront wig he had on. Oh and Sean Penn….WTF??!!! I know that he and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu are friends but the green card comment was just….no. But, happy for Latino power with Inarritu winning best Director Oscar.

  • Blackceo

    Oh and was I the only one who didn’t know that this was Julianne Moore’s first Oscar win? She is one my favorite actresses and one of the best actresses of her generation and is amazing in every role she plays so I could’ve sworn she had won for something previously, so I was really happy that she won. She was amazing in Still Alice.

  • Desert Boy

    @orfunnyhaha: Or on Long Island, NY, where she lives with her daughter and grandkids. Just saying…

  • lauraspencer

    @Tackle….Graham Moore isn’t that “young”. He is an adult. He is 33 years old.

  • LadyL

    @Blackceo: Great comments you’ve posted here, and I completely agree with you about Julianne Moore. Her Cathy in “Far From Heaven” still makes me cry…

  • Alan down in Florida

    What surprises me is how many people on line did not get that NPH in his tighty-whities was a tip of the hat to one of the key scenes in Birdman when Michael Keaton locks himself out of the theatre and has to run through Times Square in his briefs to get back into the theatre to continue the scene.

  • enlightenone

    @Tackle: “…No need to research, look into,hope or pray. He’s straight!”


  • TransParency_

    @aliengod: No, YOU are the idiot. You and your fellow Cis Homos, and a Cis-privileged one at that. Instead of spending so much energy adoring that transphobic [email protected][email protected]$, you should instead support the fights of transpeople, after all, you owe us all of the rights that you enjoy today.

  • blackberry finn

    @TransParency_: ALL? Not by a longshot

  • Kieran

    Don’t blame Neil Patrick for the mediocre crop of Hollywood movies that 95% of Americans never saw and probably never will. At least he gave the Oscars its most exciting moment: Showing off his killer nips to America.

  • DuMaurier

    Re: the Graham Moore comments, let me just say: If “gaydar” means anything, it refers to the ability to sense that someone is gay when he DOESN’T exhibit the characteristics and mannerisms typically ascribed to gay people.

    Otherwise, it’s just stereotype-dar, and everybody has that.

  • jjose712

    If someone has a doubt that Graham Moore is straight you only need to watch the Imitation game, i frankly doubt any self respected gay writer would write something like that.

    The speech was great, he winning the oscar for that screenplay, not so much

  • NoCagada

    Graham Moore…he may not be gay but he sure is queer

  • Tackle

    @lauraspencer: Men are very visual. And visually, Graham Moore looks younger than 33. And I think too many in the LGBTQ community, above the age of 18,would consider 33 old.

  • Tackle

    @enlightenone: I’m not sure what you are asking for a citation for. But Graham stated his sexuality. And even after this, you still have posters on here who want “look into this.” ” Do research.” ” Can’t believe it.”
    The proof is on here.

  • enlightenone

    @Tackle: “The proof is on here?”

    Excuse my illiteracy, but I don’t see the “proof.” If you are willing, please cut/paste him saying what his orientation/identity is please! If not, perhaps someone else will.

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