Gaga Ruined Madonna’s Career Just Like Plastic Surgery Ruined Pete Burns’ Face

Androgynous bisexual, plastic-surgery nightmare and former Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns recently told Boyz magazine that Gaga “rung the death knell for Madonna” adding, “When I got [Gaga’s] album I couldn’t believe it: Oh my God, that girl’s got talent!… That girl can actually sing and she can write, and if I could work with anyone, there are two people I’d love to work with – Gaga and Beth Ditto.”

Wow, Pete, you’re not implying that Madonna can’t sing or write, are you? What about American Life? Madonna shat a solid-gold basketball with that one. Don’t deny it.

He then gushed on about Ditto saying, “And Beth Ditto’s in the pipeline. God she’s talented. I tend to like only female singers.” So does that mean that Pete Burns disagrees with Sarah Palin’s assertion that everything Gaga does “is just a re-run of Madonna”?

Of course, if Gaga starts looking like Rocky from Mask Burns can claim she’s ripping him off. The “You Spin Me ‘Round” singer sued his plastic surgeon for painfully botched lip surgery, settling out of court for about $737,000. There’s more going on there than just some collagen in the kisser, if you ask us. (Which you didn’t.)

Via Tabloid Prodigy

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