Gaga Learns Sign Language: Will Little Monsters Learn Too or Just Follow Britney Instead?

Everyone always seems so concerned if Lady Gaga is living on the brink of exhaustion, but what about her fans?

True Gagaphiles must emulate “Mother Monster” in every way. The adherence goes beyond simply recreating her many videos, but involves following her fashion choices and diverse cultural interests. Gaga’s spotted with a tea cup, her fans take up tea drinking. Gaga struts around in towering heels, her fans insist they can do the same. While Gaga’s initial pace for setting trends was certainly much faster than other music artists, it was still manageable and entertaining.

But it’s undoubtedly been a taxing season for her followers since “Born This Way” debuted back in February. Perhaps they should have known when they heard her sing that “mi amore vole fe yah” that it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. Eeek! Gaga’s singing in Italian dialects! If you want to be able to keep up with her, time to learn Italian!

Then the album came out and Gaga’s changing her hair everyday, making numerous Christian references, and singing in Spanish on “Americano” and her own version of German on “Scheibe,” and thus her fans are sent scrambling to the hair salon, brushing up on their Christianity and ordering Rosetta Stone Level 1 for Spanish and German.

Now comes news this week that Gaga wants to learn American Sign Language so she can communicate with all of her deaf fans. That’s right little monsters, it not just enough to put your paws up anymore, but now you need to put them to use. True devotees who hang on every word that escapes from Mother Monster’s sacred mouth will now have to learn how to sign if they want to be able to keep up with what she’s saying with her hands.

What’s next? Ukranian? Belarusan? Esperanto? Vulcan? Jive?

It took us a moment to understand how deaf people could actually enjoy music (“wait…but aren’t they…?”), and subsequently sparked a debate about whether not being able to hear Gaga’s music was actually a blessing, but ultimately we acknowledged that Gaga has yet another legion of fans we didn’t know existed and that’s pretty darn cool.

For those learning the language with Lady Gaga, or just for your viewing pleasure, we’ve selected some of the cutest guys on YouTube signing along to her songs: