“Game Of Thrones” Actor Kit Harrington Cautiously Willing To Go Nude

kit harrington game of thronesIf you’ve been reading Queerty a lot lately, you know we’ve been keeping a close eye on possible penis appearances on Game of Thrones. The show is lousy with naked ladies, but nude men have been relatively scarce. (Of course, we saw a brief glimpse of Hodor, and a moment of Theon, but that hardly compares to naked-at-the-drop-of-a-hat Daenerys in season 1.)

But there’s cause of cautious optimism in an interview in GQ, the magazine for closeted bicurious men: Kit Harrington, who plays John Snow, says he’d be willing to go nude. Maybe. If the scene deserved it. Funny, that’s exactly what our Recon profile says!

We were actually supposed to see Kit’s nubile form last year, in a particularly randy cave-sex scene. But he’d broken his ankle and a crew member had to stand in. (Somebody find that crew member and give him a centerfold.)

Harrington acknowledges in the interview that he’s contractually required to disrobe if the show’s producers desire. It’s chilly up north where he’s stationed, so we can’t imagine there will be many opportunities to bare some flesh. But implausibility never seemed to stop Game of Thrones from getting its women nude. So who knows? Speculation about what happens this season is running wild.

Also, just to make sure: his character’s supposed to be of age now, right? He was fourteen when the series started (even though the actor’s in his twenties). We’re not salivating over the prospect of a nude 14-year-old, are we?