“Game Of Thrones” Star Sean Bean Wins Emmy For Playing Transvestite Character

article-2513605-19A57CF300000578-80_306x511Looks like Jared Leto’s not gonna be the only straight dude picking up awards for gender-bending this year.

Burly, studly actor Sean Bean, last seen (SPOILER ALERT) being beheaded in Game of Thrones and slaying Orcs throughout Middle Earth in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, has just won an international Emmy award for the drama series Accused.

The actor played a teacher with a transvestite alter ego in the second season of the BBC One drama, which was previously awarded the best drama series international Emmy award in 2011. Bean also picked up the Best Actor award for the role from the Royal Television Society back in March.

With all the gold being passed around these days for playing with gender, it’s only a matter of time before going trans becomes the hottest way for an actor to take his career to the next level. Just be careful in those heels, boys.