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Gaming mod turns shy blacksmith of “Stardew Valley” into a red-hot shirtless bear daddy

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Images from the “Sexy Hairy Clint Mod”

If you’ve ever played the popular role-playing farming game Stardew Valley, you might know of Clint, the bearded and somewhat shy blacksmith in Pelican Village who can refine precious stones into upgraded tools.

Apparently, some fans were so hot for Clint that they developed in-game modifications (or “mods”) to show him shirtless and hairy-chested at work. One mod even lets players marry him, though he’s usually not a marriable character.

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The appropriately named “Sexy Hairy Clint” mod replaces Clint’s close-up portrait and his character sprite with a shirtless, muscular hunk — hairy chest optional.

Usually, Clint’s portrait shows him as a man with light-brown hair and a small beard wearing a grey sweater and a brown leather apron. But the mod transforms him into a fiery red ginger with a muscular back and shoulders. Another mod can add hints of dark red chest hair on his pecs.

sexy hairy Clint, hairy bear mod, modification, Stardew Valley, farming, game, gay
Clint, as usually depicted, in a grey sweater and leather apron.

The mod also displays Clint’s full-body character sprite as shirtless while working in his blacksmith shop. While it’s incredibly dangerous to do any sort of metal working without wearing protective gear, this is just a video game and the tiny pixelated character is still surprisingly hot, workplace safety regulations be damned.

And if just seeing Clint shirtless isn’t enough, there’s also a mod that allows players to marry Clint.

Usually, Clint is not one of the six bachelors and six bachelorettes that players can woo and marry in the game. In fact, his storyline reveals that he actually has feelings for Emily, a marriable blue-haired female character who works in the Stardroop Saloon.

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A discoverable note in his bedroom states, “Dear Emily, I know you only think of me as a friend. It’s my fault. I’m too shy. I’ll never have the courage to tell you the truth. That’s why I’m writing this letter to myself that I’ll certainly crumple up and toss in the corner.”

However, installing the “Clint Marriage Mod” makes it so that any player can marry him — sorry Emily.

Of course, if you’re really into wooing and marrying pixelated guys, you could always skip the virtual farming of Stardew Valley and just play the very gay dating simulator Dream Daddy.

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