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Gay Shoppers Want to Know: How Cute Are These Boots?

Given that this season’s Gap ads feature colors of all stripes, and human beings singing about their devotion to clothes, the retailer’s holiday campaign was already pretty gay. Then In The Loop director and Britney Spears satirist Ryan James Yezak got his hands on some Gap attire, and made this ode to shopping mall fashions. The American Family Association is so not going to be happy about this.

The original:

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  • HellIsWaiting

    This is why the gay rights movement is going nowhere. With shit like this, who needs enemies?

  • gomez

    lighten up, francis

  • joefuntime

    I love the little kid GAP commercial to death. There, I said it.

  • *J_C*

    i must say i also enjoy the kids version i sing it almost every time and sometimes i even sing it in the shower lol i love it admit it its catchy

  • Jim

    HellIsWaiting [No.1] said “This is why the gay rights movement is going nowhere. With shit like this, who needs enemies?”

    Really? So, gays aren’t allowed to be silly and and have fun because hetero bigots will look down on us? If that’s the case, cancel every Pride Parade and shut down every gay bar!

    Look, the bigots are going to hate us no matter what we do. It doesn’t matter whether we all join the sterile Log Cabin Republicans or whether we all spend every day in church or whether we host Roman style orgies all over the world. In their minds we are utterly evil no matter what good we do. They will not be happy with us until we mentally castrate ourselves. Once you become heterosexual, THEN you are free to commit all the debauchery you wish – adultery, divorce, rape, make countless children and not care for them, create ghettos and slums, cause wars, be totally devoid of fashion sense, dominate women in every facet of life, etc etc – so long as you are HETEROSEXUAL!

  • HellIsWaiting


    Butch up.

    The gay rights movement needs real men, not men who act like girly men or effeminate, HETROSEXUAL teenaged women as depicted in that tragic, tragic youtube video. Their mothers must be proud. God Help Us.

    And as much as we hate the Log Cabin Republicans – at least they are taking the fight to the enemy; a constant reminder. Vs. the impotent Human Rights Campaign that just preaches to the choir…

    I don’t have to dance around like a Nancy Boy to be a proud gay man, unlike yourself. Careful not to get your hemp panties into a bunge…

  • Jacob

    Some people just need to lighten up jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! The lads were just having a laugh lol! That was pretty damn funny! I like the adults one because the dancing was pretty cool…ummmm im referring to the ACTUAL GAP advert lol!

  • B Damion

    HellIsWaiting….you must hate yourself.

  • Jim

    HellIsWaiting #6

    Dude, you are very ignorant. You know nothing abot me nor my “mannerisms” and nor do I judge or condemn anyone else for their mannerisms, because that would make me just as guilty as the gay haters. I don’t remember anyone voting you in as the dictator of what a homosexual should be. You are a very disturbed person.

    And I wasn’t in any way mocking the Log Cabin Republicans – I was using their “be gay but blend in with the straights” persona to demonstrate that gay haters don’t care how we BEHAVE (butch OR fem) – they just care that we are HOMOSEXUAL and they want us all gone.

  • riley


    So it’s ok for heterosexuals to act silly and stupid, but gays aren’t allowed the same rights? It’s gays like you who judge other gays for their mannerism that’s keeping us from moving forward. I’m sure your so manly but I bet you LOVE to take it up the ass! Stop judging others and take a good look at yourself.

  • HellIsWaiting

    Please, please… no compliments… It only makes my flatulence worse.

    I was wrong. That kind of flaming, queeny behavior should not have to be endured by anyone, gay or straight. Not even str-hate teenaged girls. I was reading The Onion once, headline: “Gay Pride Parade Sets Back Gay Rights Movement 30 years” or something to that effect. What kind of message are we really trying to send?

    I tell you what. Let’s make a gay marriage ad, along the lines of that horrible video, and put it out there. Let’s celebrate our gender bending diversity. How far you’d think we’d get? In real life? There’s a real difference in forced conformity and just plain acting right.

    ONLY real men take it up the ass. It takes great skill to pull off such a task. I am the expert on that as well. All the more reason to end DADT; Uncle Sam wants manly men; not girly men.

  • Jim


    We aren’t trying to send ANY message. We’re trying to live OUR LIVES the way WE want to live them without ANYONE’S approval.

    Maybe you should write to the GAP and tell them how disgusting their commercial of prancing straight people is.

    Based on your view of what a man should be, you must have had a warped Nazi drill sergeant for a father. Go have yourself another glass of testosterone.

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