Gasp! Bush Advisor Supports Gay Agenda

rob allyn

Soon to be fired (we assume) P.R. guru for the Bush campaigns as well as hired-gun for Mexican President Vicente Fox, Rob Allyn’s firm Allyn and Company has been spooning with gay and lesbian P.R. firm Fleishman-Hilliard.

Completely unbiased website The Conservative Voice gives us all the gooey, late-night details:

Besides being the president of Allyn & Company, he serves as co-chair of Vox Global Mandate, which was launched by Fleishman-Hilliard. Vox is a self-described international political advocacy group which is instrumental in providing positive media coverage for gay rights, abortion, anti-tort reform, federalization of healthcare, and other issues. Allyn himself backs legalized abortion, gay marriage and government controlled healthcare. He also opposes tort reform. Yet, he and his supporters continue to claim he’s a Republican strategist and a conservative.

Healthcare? Gay Marriage? Other Issues? How could they even let this pinko lefty anywhere near the Bush Whitehouse? Oh, right, they have no morals or core beliefs and will do whatever it takes to win, even if that means hiring a big bad supporter of the oogly-woogly gay agenda.

Bush, Vicente Fox Advisor Rob Allyn Tied to Gay and Lesbian Activist Group [The Conservative Voice]

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