'Mo Money

Gavin Newsom Realizes How Bad It Looks Taking Cash From the Fruit of Mike Savage’s Loins


Russell Weiner is the chief executive of Rockstar Energy Drinks. He’s also the son of Mike Savage, the anti-gay radio host whose real name is Mike Weiner. But don’t let the one generation separation make you think father and son have different agendas: Mike’s wife Janet is Rockstar’s chief financial officer. Which means Rockstar — makers of a product not safe for children or pregnant/nursing women — is rolling in homophobic cash. (Pepsi too, then.) So when Russell donated $25,000 to the campaign of pro-gay San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s California gubernatorial campaign, the hypocrisy police found a target. Fast-forward to this week, when Newsom decided the bad press wasn’t worth the cash — and returned the cheque. Which makes sense, given Russell also founded something called the Paul Revere Society, based at the same address of Savage Productions, which is busy promoting the deportation of illegal immigrants and, uh, opposite-only marriage.