Gawker Doesn’t Know What Poppers Are

buzz_poppersHeadline:Which Old Actress Was Handing Out Pills to Little Boys After an Awards Show?

Relevant Blind Item: “Which aging actress shocked party goers by casually pulling out a bottle of poppers from her designer handbag and offering it around to a host of young boys?”

Would someone please explain to Gawker‘s Richard Lawson what poppers are?

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  • alan brickman

    Tell him there something you stick up his ass…then he’ll really remember…

  • Aaron

    Can someone explain to me what poppers are? Guess I didn’t get the memo.

  • burton21

    Well… the Gawker bashing continues? I clicked the link, (simply because I found it hard to believe that Lawson, who is gay, wouldn’t know what poppers were) and surprise! I was right. At the TOP of his article he states “…an old lady giving young boys anal sex stimulants…”

    Those are in his own words, which is NOT the case for the quote you’ve provided Japhy, which is a direct lift from its original source, the Mirror (not written by Lawson). It would seem that in your zeal to blast Gawker, you didn’t even read the article in question, lest you would have seen the same things I did.

    Japhy, your presence has completely, 100% revamped Queerty into something respectable and entertaining, but come on… a quick read of that site would have showed you that Lawson (and Gawker, by extension) have every idea of what they blog about.

  • burton21

    AND I just realized that you’re referring to the fact the headline calls them “pills.” RANT RETRACTED. Many apologies, Japhy, for you are clearly more observant than I.

  • Mark D.

    I thought every gay man knew they were amyl nitrate.

  • naprem

    Also, exactly how “young” are these boys she’s giving them to? It makes it sound like they’re 13 or something.

  • getreal

    What exactly is amyl nitrate. I mean I know people break the capsules and inhale but what is it?

  • Jamie

    Chalk me up as one more gay man who doesn’t know what poppers are.

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^ I love comments like that. Dude, 2 seconds would take you to Wikipedia ( and you’d know what they are.

  • Aaron


    Right. What’s the point of them? I know there is these substance out there called “poppers” but what they’re for, what affect they have I have no idea. Never been offered them and have never known anyone who as done them.

  • Solis

    #2 Has to be Madonna.

  • Mark D.

    They give you a rush, and make you hyper-horny for a little while. That being said, they kill brain cells and trash your immune system. Best to stick with mary-jane.

  • hardmannyc

    They’re kind of fun at the moment of orgasm, but yeah, basically they smell like gasoline farts.

  • Mark D.

    I always thought that they smelled like dirty gym socks. Then again, for those with a jock fetish, that may be a turn-on. All I’d need do is think of Anderson Cooper, and I’d be good to go. Oh Mah Boo…………

  • Paul Raposo

    Why was an old lady giving young guys VCR head cleaner?

  • dgz

    oops. before this post, i figured they were pills, too. um, thanks for the education, i guess!(?)

  • Mark D.

    It is illegal to sell it to “huff,” or sniff to achieve a high. So, they sell it as “video head cleaner” with dire warnings against inhalation on the label…wink, wink……while everyone knows that these warnings will be ignored and the contents inhaled ’til the last drop. Look at old reels of the dancefloor of Studio 54. You’ll see someone pulling out a little bottle and sniffing away.

  • suzygoo

    You can get the same high from sniffing gasoline, naptha (white gas), spray paint, plastic wood, some types of glue, any number of solvents. Huffing or sniffing, it just kills your brain cells very quickly along with your lungs. Not sexy at all to have your man sniffing away as you are trying to boink him.

  • hardmannyc

    I don’t think they’re illegal in NY State. Anywhere, they’re sold everywhere. As poppers, not “video head cleaners” (which is about as relevant as “buggy whips” these days) or — and this always made me laugh — “room deodorizers.”

  • SethNg

    kills brain cells… yer so cute

  • SethNg

    as for a comparison to gas etc…

    if all you know of them is the bit of lightheadedness,sure…

    but nitrites also relax smooth muscle tissue…

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