Gay Activism Now 100% Illegal In Arkhangelsk, Russia

The Russian oblast of Arkhangelsk has just made the “public promotion of homosexuality” completely illegal. That means no Pride parades in the snowy hinterlands of Mother Russia. The reason? To protect “the health and morals” of children. The supporters? The church (as if you had to ask). The solution? Pro-gay activists and lawyers have pledged to fight the new law. But we should expect a long hard climb in the country that allows videotaped gay bashings to go un-prosecuted and refuses to protect LGBT marches in its own capital.

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  • Triple S

    Russia is seriously screwed up. Religion affecting laws, a corrupt democracy, low standard of living. I don’t who you are, or what you’ve experienced, Russia is not a nice place. Eventually, they’re going to criminalise homosexuality, and hundreds of people are going to be incarcerated, and knowing that this is Russia, they’ll probably be executed eventually.

  • hoesgottagetpaid


  • Ernst

    Is it “capitol” … or “capital”?

  • Jay

    Its a third world basket case with thugs, hookers, and Putin (who’s both a thug and a hooker).

    Bloody useless place.

  • Mark

    we are go back in USSR =((((((

  • Adman

    Russians = Buncha blockheads sitting around eating each other wondering how to make the savage mob mentality become relevant again. Sound familiar? This is a strategy full of win eventually, you just have to approve of being and thinking like an animal, nea, cannibal sooner or later. (See Neo-Conservative America for our country’s current vanguard in this area).

  • Daniel

    Well now people can devote all their time to punishing policitians and religious leaders in the region, rather than parades and other activism. Diplomacy didn’t stop the Nazis or the Inquisition, or the fascists in Italy, etc. Why do naive politicians and religious leaders who violate the human rights of millions think their own are somehow secure in doing so? The bible and koran so many corrupt religious leaders and politicians push teaches an eye for an eye. Politicians and religious leaders proclaim violating other people’s human rights is the right thing to do so they should taste their own medicine.

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