Gay Activist Curbs Activism, Keeps Pen In Hand

We’ve got some bad news for you, readers. Tully Satre, the fagling homo-journo whose Advocate articles kept many of you foaming at the mouth, will be cutting back his activist duties as he moves into the adult years of his life. Tragic, we know.

The always self-righteous Satre explains:

I think a lot of people who did not necessarily agree with my views or way of doing things decided to start a rumor that I am an opportunist; willing to take any chance I can for the spotlight. I resent this statement both as an activist and an artist. In either venue I never was striving for the spotlight, but when it shined I wouldn’t turn it down but would rather use it in accordance with my plan to advance an organization or work of art. Regardless of this I decided it was important for me to “be a kid” and live out of that sort of spotlight as it was one which demanded constant maturity, responsibility, and wisdom which I lack at my young age.

As you can see, Satre’s pulling out all the stops – he cut his hair so that it can serve a “better cause,” whatever that means.

Never fear, however, Satre will keep on penning his column in The Advocate, including a piece on generational gaps in the queer community. We’re pins and needles!