Gay Activists Call For Marriage Restraint

So, some States-based gay are super psyched about gay marriage in California. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s a swell development and definitely takes our humble little liberal democracy one step closer to completion.

Before people get too excited, however, activist groups like Lambda Legal and the ACLU are cautioning queer couples not to push too hard, too fast.

And the reactionary results, they say, could stop gay rights in their lavender tracks

…Nine major gay rights groups asked couples Tuesday not to sue the federal government or other states to have their California nuptials recognized, saying that legal action could harm the marriage equality movement.

The [six-page] memo cautioned that the U.S. Supreme Court has traditionally refused to embrace major social change until many states have already acted and that the battle for marriage must be orchestrated strategically, state by state, court by court.

“Bad rulings will make it much more difficult for us to win marriage, and will certainly make it take much longer,” the memo said.

Legal experts said the statement appeared to be an effort by groups who have successfully fought for gay marriage in California to maintain control of the litigation and reflected a fear that much of the rest of the country is not yet ready to embrace marriage for gay men and lesbians.

Basically, our nation’s Supreme Court will have to make a decision on how the rest of the states can and should deal with out-of-town marriage licenses.

The memorandum says marriage rights should be tackled first in state courts, and only in states with courts “that may be ready to do the right thing.”

“Because so far, more marriage cases have been lost than won, taking on a principled but long-shot case and racking up more losses now just makes it harder to convince other courts and legislatures,” the memo said.

If more states can be swayed gay – and the Supreme Court’s roster changes – then marriage activists will have an easier time pleading their case. If more states come out against same-sex nuptials, however, those voices will dominate the judicial stage, putting the social conservatives on top. A greater nightmare, we can’t imagine…