Gay Activists Call Off Bolthouse Boycott

A truce has been reached out in California.

Gay activists three months ago launched a boycott against high-brown juice makers at Bolthouse Farms because the company’s former CEO, William Bolthouse Jr., had donated $100,000 to Proposition 8, the ballot measure aimed at overturning this year’s gay marriage win. Well, it would seem the activists and the company have reached a deal:

The “Don’t Buy Bolthouse” campaign ended because the company’s chief executive “has provided us with a compelling perspective which clearly demonstrates the separation between Bolthouse Farms and…its founder, William Bolthouse,” Californians Against Hate said Wednesday in a written statement.

That perspective, the statement continued, “provides us with confidence that Bolthouse Farms is committed to working productively with the [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community.”

For its part, the Bakersfield-based food giant “thanks Californians Against Hate for recognizing our work to meet our mission of showing respect and integrity to our employees, our vendors and our customers,” company spokesman Lane Hudson said Wednesday in another written statement.

Now, if only the company could convince its “patriarch” to practice what they preach…

Update: Hudson and the Bolthouse folk would like to make clear that Bolthouse isn’t the CEO and hasn’t has an interest in the company since 2005. Jeff Dunn’s the CEO and apparently all about the gays.

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  • Cam

    That is a load of B.S. the CEO of a company is in charge of it’s direction and basically the buck stops with them.

  • fredo777

    I’m not buying this crap (literally or figuratively). It seems like a lot of airy talk to keep us from boycotting their brand which I intend to continue doing unless I am adequately convinced to do otherwise.


    thats fine ^^

    ill just buy more to make up for their loss from you lot lol. its so friggen delicious!

  • JJ

    They sell lots of stuff under different brand names, so you have to look carefully. Carrots in cellophane for example.

    This “settlement agreement” is a little vague. Can we get specifics?

    Also, I think it surely takes quite a bit of animus against homosexuals to actually go out of your way to contribute substantial sums to anti-gay initiatives. I mean did the Jews reach an understanding with Mussolini — “it wasn’t him, it was the Italian military-industrial complex?”

    How is this resolved so quickly?

  • JJ

    Maybe the people who advocated the boycott were threatened with a lawsuit “inteference with economic advantage”? for advocating a boycott against the company based on what teh former CEO did. A lot of nasty letters between lawyers and now we’re at an me that’s the posssible scenario.

    Bolthead’s name is on teh company. He may not be the CEO, but is he a major stockholder?

    Maybe the company should make a counter contribution of $100,000 to assuage the public’s concerns?

  • Tim

    Wm. Bolthouse still rents them land and still makes money in the process. His name, synonymous with bigotry, is still attached to the company.

    Correct those TWO problems and we have a winner.

  • Keith

    If they are so committed then change the name of the product. I unfortunately enjoy their product so now I won’t buy them until they change the name. It’s an effing shame

  • rick

    still ain’t gonna buy this stuff, it is over priced crap.

  • Allegra

    whatever…still won’t give the company my $$$

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