Gay Activists Get Not-So-Welcome Wagon

The Equality Riders woke up to some naughty obscenities after a group of punk haters went wacko with some lipstick. The gay activists on wheels had just kicked off their second annual tour and stopped by Dordt College in Sioux City, Iowa.

In case you’re not up on all the activist gossip, the Soulforce Equality Ride tours the country and goes to universities to discuss “the damaging effects of homophobic doctrine, the false notion that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender identities are sick and sinful”. That is, why butt fuckers and carpet muncher won’t be rotting in hell. Dordt College students seem to think otherwise, for among the graffiti one can see some scrawling that appears to say, “God doesn’t like gay feary [sic] fucks”.
They also left images of penises and this image to the right. We think it’s supposed to be a vagina, a hypothesis founded on nothing but the fact that it was right next to the aforementioned penis. If it is meant to be a vagina, it’s not a very good rendition. Also, why did they put a vagina next to a penis? Shouldn’t the vagina go with another vagina?

Oh well, best not to expect too much from such a brood. The haters, however, guaranteed a spot in our annal of queer graffiti: Yeah, Spray It!

Too bad it wasn’t under better circumstances, huh?