Triangle Foundation Calls Toilet Duty "Profiling"

Gay Activists Take On “Entrapment” Cops

Toilets have been getting a lot of attention this year. In the wake of Larry Craig’s arrest, police are suddenly hip to the public sex jive and are spending more time in the loo looking for trollish inhabitants.

While conservatives may laud their efforts, more liberal groups wonder if authorities aren’t acting a bit prejudicial. Michigan’s Triangle Foundation certainly thinks so – they’re investigating complaints against Clayton Township’s police departments.

“This is profiling,” said Sean Kosofsky, policy director for the organization. “Heterosexuals are never targeted in public sex stings.”

Township Police Chief Chuck Melki said he’s simply enforcing the law and isn’t targeting any specific group of people.

“The bottom line is, we get complaints from citizens that they see men lingering in the woods, touching each other and having sex,” Melki said. “This would be a crime regardless of gender or sexual orientation.”

What about gender identity? Oh, and as for the “heterosexuals are never targeted”: most of the men arrested having sex in bathrooms are self-identified straight.