Gay Actor Batt Talks Shop

Out actor Bryan Batt, who plays a closeted homosexual on AMC’s Mad Men, recently sat down with CNN to discuss the state of being gay in Hollywood.

While some label Hollywood’s gay hesitancy as “homophobic,” Batt takes a more nuanced approach:

It’s just like any prejudice, once you let go of any prejudice they all have to go. They’re not based on facts, just on stereotypes. I really think yes, there might be some homophobia in Hollywood, but it’s based on what will sell. Hollywood is a huge industry, a multibillion-dollar business. If actors who are gay will get ratings and will sell, they will get cast.

There are always going to be people who look at people who are different and who disapprove [of them] either through fear or through ignorance. We have to work toward acceptance on all levels. How long ago were the civil rights movement and the women’s movement? And, still today, women don’t make the same amount of money as men do for doing the same job.

Batt, you’re our new favorite Hollywood homo.