Attorney General Gives Go Ahead On "Family Council" Plot

Gay Adoption Ban To Be Petitioned In Arkansas

The Arkansas Family Council got a green light to petition against gay adoption:

[State Attorney General Dustin] McDaniel approved the Family Council’s proposed initiative to prohibit a minor from being placed with an adoptive or foster parent in Arkansas who is cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage recognized by the state.

McDaniel previously rejected a version of the Family Council’s proposal, but the conservative group revised the wording of the measure to address McDaniel’s concerns.

If approved by voters, the ban effectively would reinstate a state ban on foster-parenting by gays that the state Supreme Court struck down last year. The Family Council tried this year to get the Legislature to pass a bill to ban adoption or foster parenting by gays or unmarried couples, but the bill died in the House Judiciary Committee after passing the Senate.

The Family Council now has until next July 7th to collect a measly 62,000 signatures: approximately two percent of the state’s population.