Gay Ads Pay Big For “Friendly” Companies

Gay folk continue to capture the collective marketing eye. And so they should!

A survey of 2,259 adults found that 68% of self-described gays are more likely to buy from a company they find gay-friendly. And there are definitely companies – and methods – coming out on top:

Bravo, Apple, Showtime, HBO, Absolut, and Levi’s, are the gay-friendliest brands, while WalMart, Dunkin Donuts, Cracker Barrel, Exxon Mobil, and Samsung earn the lowest marks from gay and lesbian consumers, according to the 2008 Prime Access/PlanetOut Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study released today.

The study also reveals that 71% of gay and lesbian consumers said they have a more favorable impression of companies or products that feature gay imagery in their advertising. Howard Buford, president and CEO of Prime Access, noted that Levi’s, one of the top gay-friendly brands, recently
featured a gay couple in television advertising.

In Absolut’s case, we’re assuming that includes their now famous 8-inch advert.

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