Gay Adult Film Actor Cliff Jensen Allegedly Beaten Within An Inch Of His Life In Prison

tumblr_luq5vswE2L1qi221bo1_500According to the operator of Cliff Jensen’s Twitter feed, the gay porn performer was brutally attacked while being held in a Florida prison.

Initially the outlook was grim, though an update today revealed that he is expected to recover.

The cause of the attack remains unclear, though the tweets suggest there might be an element of a scorned ex-lover at play.

We couldn’t find any official reports that corroborate this account.

The tweets started Thursday, painting a disturbing picture:

The unidentified person sending the messages went on to accuse a woman named Jaclyn — possibly an ex-girlfriend of Jensen’s — for organizing the alleged attack:

After reporting a harrowing night in ICU, the outlook looks hopeful:

Cliff has been arrested multiple times on charges including grand theft auto, burglary, and criminal mischief. It’s likely he found himself in prison this time for traveling to California while still on parole in Florida.