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Gay adult film star Antonio Biaggi goes on racist rant against Beyoncé fans

Gay adult film performer Antonio Biaggi has fired off a series of racist tweets opposing Beyoncé and her fans, and the question that immediately comes to mind is: Why?!

Why bother — what does he get out of it? The knowledge that he’s offended people?

We may never quite understand what makes a troll tick, but here’s what the award-winning performer blasted out to his 80,000 followers:

First off, a general dig at Beyoncé, which, fine — everyone’s entitled to their own opinion:


But things went from rude to beyond crude with his next Tweet about the diva’s fans:

And then he showed how much of a music expert he is:

This just about sums up the reaction:

Is this really the kind of attention Biaggi so desperately seeks? It defies all logic.

In the immortal words of Beynocé: