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Gay adult film star Antonio Biaggi goes on racist rant against Beyoncé fans

Gay adult film performer Antonio Biaggi has fired off a series of racist tweets opposing Beyoncé and her fans, and the question that immediately comes to mind is: Why?!

Why bother — what does he get out of it? The knowledge that he’s offended people?

We may never quite understand what makes a troll tick, but here’s what the award-winning performer blasted out to his 80,000 followers:

First off, a general dig at Beyoncé, which, fine — everyone’s entitled to their own opinion:


But things went from rude to beyond crude with his next Tweet about the diva’s fans:

And then he showed how much of a music expert he is:

This just about sums up the reaction:

Is this really the kind of attention Biaggi so desperately seeks? It defies all logic.

In the immortal words of Beynocé:

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    • MikeE

      Beyonce.. I think she’s a singer.

  • Paco

    He is as low class as I would expect a porn actor to be. Good job!

  • Donston

    I don’t know why some people expect porn performers to have some type of decorum and sense. Most are extreme narcissists and megalomaniacs. And gay and gay-leaning men in porn often contend with internalized homophobia, ego-dystonia, drug addictions, depression, etc.

    • seaguy

      OK Dr. Phil

    • Gilliflower

      Do you follow them all of them around with a clip-board and a psychologist or do you simply do scientific surveys with a few samples?

  • ChrisK

    It won’t matter. People aren’t into him because of his personality.

    • Donston

      I know I stopped paying attention to him as a performer years ago. He is fairly one-note. And he refuses to bottom on camera, though it’s very obvious he does off camera.

    • Kangol

      @Donston, there was a recent scene where he was with the vers performer Rio, and I thought, is she (Sra Antonio) going to finally give up the culo? He at least let Rio lick it, but I was like, girl, stop fronting and start flipping. He has the porn personality of a Quaalude, no matter how big his pinga is.

  • Rex Huskey

    He has a sweet uncut big “member” and wonderful balls and he sure….absolutely knows how to breed. But like so many commenters on here (you know who you are) this makes absolutely no sense. He’s out of his swim lane and should stick to his “three businesses” whatever TF those are.

    • Darrellx

      Im with you.

  • am_psi

    m, where was the racist rant exactly? I must have missed it.

    • howardstern

      Probably KFC part. To me the rest is on point. Overhyped singer with a amazing team of singer songrwiters and producers that she collaborated due to great connections.

    • Donston

      You already know Queerty likes to take things a step further with their titles. However, referring to someone’s fans as patrons of KFC is indeed overtly racist. It’s also incredibly idiotic since I’m pretty certain Beyonce has many fans of many races and economic situations. And this is from a performer who clearly doesn’t like to shoot videos with black men. Never mind the general not so subtle misogynistic and fem-phobic tone.

      Liking Beyonce or not isn’t the point (watch more people like “howardstern” try to turn this into whether Beyonce is talented or not). He’s clearly just another headcase with an immense yet fragile ego looking for attention and using Beyonce’s name and popularity to get that attention.

    • am_psi

      If saying someone eats at KFC is “overtly racist”, than the term racist has become extremely diluted.

    • Bob LaBlah

      @howardstern: She also isn’t telling the truth about her age. I always thought she looked older than what she’s claiming she is. A few years back a big controversy emerged regarding the year she was born in. The state of Texas has a record of her being born in 1974 despite her claims to the contrary.

    • SactoMan

      Now if he had said “Church’s” or “Popeyes”…

    • Bino

      I love you. Thank you for saying it.

    • RammieWolf

      I totally agree with you.

      There was nothing racist in what he said and I’m sorry guys Beyonce, like many other “celebrities” really has little talent. The singing is not what brought her to the position she is in. And…since when is it a crime to criticize singers?

      If you like her, good, if not so what?

    • Donston

      Black people and the fried chicken stereotype has been connected for many decades. It’s now typically used as a put-down for someone who is not only black but also likely poor and/or lacking culture. And his follow-up tweet about his “three businesses” makes that clear.

      Also, just because someone has black hereditary doesn’t mean they’re not racist against black people. Many Afro-Latino individuals see themselves as superior to African-Americans or superior to dark-skinned people. That’s nothing new.

      I don’t care about a sex worker and his 80, 000 followers. And I don’t care about someone liking Beyonce (I’m not apart of the “beyhive”). But not seeing the racism, misogyny and fem-phobia in his comments either shows extreme ignorance and/or a desire to defend that type of ignorance.

    • DCguy

      @am_psi Please don’t pretend to not know that fried chicken has been a racist taunt for black people for generations.

      And if you don’t think that’s racist then please feel free to explain why he didn’t say MacDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell or any one of a dozen other fast food places that are better known.


    • am_psi

      A) He didn’t say anything about Black people or race at all as far as I can see. You’re assuming all of Beyonce’s devotees are Black, which I’m sure is far from the case.

      B) Black people DO love fried chicken. I’ve never seen a Black person who’d turn down some good fried chicken in my life. So what? You know who else loves fried chicken? Everybody. Want to take the sting out of this horrible stereotype? The next time somebody says “Black people sure do love fried chicken!” the proper response is: “Yeah, of course, it’s delicious.” Racism solved.

    • jhon_siders

      Heck the black community can take the truth and call it racist at a recent city alderman meeting about all the violence in the city I quoted a FBI fact that 14% of the US population commits 74% of the violent crime and every black member went off !! as I retorted to one well if you want to do some thing about all the murders in your districts your people need to admit your people are the problem and quit blaming the police every time they shoot a thug caught in the act !! they had to adjourn the meeting because every one would not discuss any thing civil !

    • John

      I agree. I see nothing racist about what he said. People take things too seriously nowadays. He has the right to not like Beyonce. I actually agree with him that anyone with a glam squad could do what she does.

    • Truchiko

      It’s crazy that most of Beyonce fan base are the same ones that biaggi messes and perform scenes with lol. I’ve heard some tea that he put it down on many of her gay backup dancers. His porn is boring btw. My friend tango said his breath stank abd couldnt go through with scene lol I can be messy too lol

    • kayman

      Uh what he said was racist. I am not even a fan of that entertainer to see that. He thinks because he is Afro Latino that he won’t get his card pulled…

    • bjbalme

      Is your brain a piece of KFC chicken? Dude.

  • Teva

    He’s dead right,spot on,on target and spoke the truth.I’ve NEVER understood the appeal of BAY-ON-SAY,NEVER,from Densities Child to her solo career,her robotic synchro-dancing,big hair bigger EGO I’ve just looked and shook my head.And as for racist?..where?.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I fail to see how this is racist. Considering his round nose, the size of his manhood, his not exactly strait (as in caucasian) facial hair and lastly the roundness and color of his hips the only difference between him and Bey is he speaks spanish/english and she only speaks english, if you get my drift. I knew a Dominican in NYC whom I gave a mirror and an afro-pick to one Christmas with the sole intention of letting him know that love him as I did he really did need to stop turning up his nose at black people because he too was despite his denial.

    Antonio, your a latino in NYC and the east coast. Down here where I am your………………………….(to be continued). lol lol

    • Kangol

      LOL–he’s Puerto Rican, I think, and clearly has African ancestry (like many of his gente), but he’s also dumb as a brick and one of the dullest porn performers out. Say what you will about Beyoncé, but she can sing, she’s a shrewd businesswoman, and she could probably kick Antonio’s tiny little ass (have you ever seen him in person) with one of those bootylicious legs of hers.

  • hwc2016

    Guess he just wanted some attention, i watch a lot of gay porn & have no clue who he is.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Trust me, you won’t find him in the twink sections.

  • howardstern

    Lol, Donston… in terms of singing and performing yes she is out there. In terms of writing and producing, playing instruments … she is not there. That is why she hires a whole army of people to do her albums. You can see that by those credits. And that to me is not impressive at all. Anybody can do that in her driver seat. If she actually sat down and did all the work then yeah it would be impressive.

    Also that notion that everybody has to worship her ass (whatever race she is) nope. And the whole attention seeking on my part? – laughable. A lot of attention I will get on this comment section with tens of commentators who browse randomly through comments.

    Just get over it, not everyone is into her. And funny pointing out that whole fragile ego, which is actually vice versa.

    • Paco

      Oh I’m sure Beyoncé won’t be losing any sleep over the opinion of a porn performer.

  • Me2

    Ehh… not everyone is a Beyonce fan. But does anyone really care about what Antonio Biaggi thinks? Most people don’t even see him as being a person; much less one with an opinion that holds any value. His purpose in life is quickly fading and doesn’t require speaking or thinking.

    • SactoMan

      But Queerty LOVES this kind of stuff.

      And having 80,000 followers indicates that some people are interested in what he has to say…

    • Creamsicle

      Secto Man it means that 80k people (and bots) probably want to get periodic dick pics and maybe some discounts on merch. I don’t really get it though. Sure he’s hot, but who pays for porn anymore when there’s so much of it available for free?

    • Me2

      @ SactoMan

      Having 80,000 followers could also indicate use of a bot service. Either way, I really doubt that people follow him because they’re interested in his perspective on issues outside of his porn performances and “hustle”.

  • Creamsicle

    He’s better be careful. If he keeps tweeting baseless attacks on people and talking up his own mediocre businesses on Twitter he might find himself voted into the presidency by a rigged minority of America.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Let him keep on. He doesn’t realize that all Jay-Z and Bey have to do is pick up the phone and call a few people who’s campaign they contributed to and get a Rentboy type investigation started on him. Antonio, do you REALLY want everyone questioned that you have dealt with over the years whom would love to drop a few dimes on you regarding what you didnt report to the IRS. These people are very vindictive and have a HUGE purse that will make people stop, listen and obey that can reek havoc on you and your business.

    • Kangol

      That minority ain’t voting for him. He’s too brown and his puts his d!ck into lots of brown and black people. Now he could run as a Democrat or Republican in New York and maybe win a city council seat or state senate seat. He wouldn’t be any worse than the wrecks already in both legislative bodies.

  • nycbklyn

    As luerto ricsns we’re an amalgam of white black and natives, therefore we can’t be racist we’re as disenfrachized as black people and are basically mixed race… race baiters everyone knows only White Men csn be racist

    • Bob LaBlah

      Just curious but what PS did you attend in NYC? lol lol lol

    • Kangol

      Claro k sí but you also know lots of Latinxs–er, Hispanics–identify as *blanco* and he may be living that fiction himself. I wouldn’t up it past him. He’s no Enrique Cruz, if you get my drift.

  • Smith David

    I’m sorry, is it just us black folks that like watermelon and fried chicken? Because my white and Latino friends beg to come over to my family cookouts just for my mamas fry chicken and we just happen to enjoy watermelon later on in the evening;)

    So, this association with happy black people and these two food items is no longer worth it’s weight.

    • Bob LaBlah

      “I’m sorry, is it just us black folks that like watermelon and fried chicken?”

      David, there was once a very popular show on television called The Beverly Hillbillies. It portrayed my family to a T when they mention collard greens, salt pork and such (and no, we knew nothing of nor ate pickled crawdads, owl gizzards and such as was also depicted in the show). Here in the south baked macaroni, green beans……to make a long story short we all ate the same thing regardless of what color your families were including watermelon. None of that crepe-suzette crap for us when it came time for breakfast. It was simply bacon and eggs. And we also used a bathroom, not a outhouse as many honestly did believe once I described to Ny’ers just how we all lived here in Oklahoma. I had to explain to several black guys I met that I was NOT raised on a damn plantation once they caught my accent that I never tried to alter. I am what I am, a southern white boy who knew a helluva lot more about race relations then many of them could ever imagine that didn’t just include varying parts of the male anatomy.

  • queertyrone

    @am_psi and @Teva
    so, how can fried chicken be considered racist? it’s quite simple really. here’s a link (and a section of transcribed text) that should help put the historical context into perspective for you:

    “So if everyone loves fried chicken and watermelon, not just Black people, where the heck did these stereotypes even come from?

    Let’s start with fried chicken. From the late 1800s onward, fried chicken was used to portray Black people as savages. Films like Birth of a Nation and Jim Crow imagery seen in cartoons, postcards and ads featured Black people as rowdy, barbaric slaves gleefully eating chicken with their bare hands.

    Fried chicken became the go-to way to make Black people look like animals. But the savage, chicken-loving Black person wasn’t just a stereotype of the distant past. Until the late 1950s, there was a successful restaurant chain literally called The Coon Chicken Inn. No, that’s not cool.

    Watermelon was used to show Black people as lazy and simple. Postcards, cartoons, books, and advertisements featured Black folks happily eating watermelon in spite of slavery. The idea being Black people don’t need rights, they’re happy just as long as they have some watermelon.”

  • Donston

    And of course, as I predicted people are trying to pretend they don’t see racism, misogyny and fem-phobia in his comments and are turning this into whether someone likes Beyonce or not. I sometimes forget you can’t have real conversations on the internet.

    • Me2

      Exactly what were you hoping a conversation on his racist prejudices would accomplish? Why try to drag this non-story out any further? There are many people who twerk, vogue, and eat kfc who’ll far exceed anything that this bitter fading “star” has ever accomplished. His thoughts may be offensive to some, but they aren’t worth a deep discussion or analysis. He doesn’t have the power to stop Beyonce or anyone else. Let it go.

    • Donston

      I don’t personally care about this man and his comments. However, it is insulting to pretend like his comments are not hateful either because you want to fvck him or because you don’t like Beyonce. Liking or not liking someone should be involved in discussions of racism and general ethics. And people tend to let their personal opinions about individuals mare their general principals. The point I’m making has very little to do with this man or Beyonce but a decent amount of the stupid comments here.

    • Me2

      It’s the internet. Not everyone is going to share your perspective or validate your feelings. Not to mention the trolls who go against the grain just to get a rise out of people. It all has to be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t waste your time being insulted.

    • Donston

      Well, this is a comment section. So, people go back and forth about whatever the topic at hand is. That’s sorta the point. And while some of these people are just flat-out trolls some are not.

      And believe me, I do find it amusing that some are looking to defend an attention-seeking porn performer who even outside these tweets has been known to make hateful remarks towards black people and has tweeted multiple misogynistic and fem-phobic things just because they as well don’t like Beyonce. It’s both amusing and kinda scary. But that’s people.

    • AloeJade

      Exactly! It’s easy for the bigots to ignore their bigotry if they can mask it as a personal attack on someone or mask their hate and disdain as a personal preference.

  • Geeker

    Why does anyone care what a gross bareback porn bunny thinks about anything?

    • dinard38

      Exactly!! Who the hell cares? Porn stars are not known for their intellect. Just shut the hell up and stick your d**k in some ass. That’s all we care about from you, Ms. Antonio.

      And for this debate about whether or not his posts are racists, puleeze!! He’ll have to come (come, not cum…..haha) much harder than that to offend me. Shit….. I’m black and I LOVE fried chicken. So what? That stereotype has long been played out. And I’m not a Beyonce fan either. I like a few of her songs, but that’s it. I’ll give her credit in the sense of being a performer. She’ll put on a great show and I love to watch her dance, but singing? Heck naw!!! This younger generation actually thinks she can sing on the level of Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan. That is so laughable!!! She starts singing in the higher range and gets extremely nasal, it is like nails on a chalkboard. Besides, she doesn’t even sing anymore. On Her latest albums she just talks-sing. Mostly talking. What’s the melody on Lemonade? Hell….. what’s the MEANING of lemonade?

    • money718

      THANK YOU. What a joke.

    • seaguy

      gross bareback? Your parents had to bareback to make you.

  • Kieran

    As a gay man how can he not worship Beyonce? I don’t get it. This is sacrilege! Gays are only supposed to HATE on that old white man President Trump. Didn’t he get the memo?

  • whitakerk861

    Antonio, you are so talented. Can I hire you to paint my bedroom? You paint as well as Mariah Carey dances.

  • yaletownman

    when one comes to a place where they have to wrestle with the knowledge they are at the bottom of the barrel they desperately seek someone(s) to denigrate in a desperate attempt to bolster their self esteem. What makes him especially comical is how unrealistic this attempt is compared to who he is. Someone needs to tell him to to go after someone he might have a realistic chance of being better than like a serial rapist or a child molester. Any one above that he hasn’t a chance of convincing anyone of his superiority.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    He is right about her being overrated and proves fans is just short for fanatics.

  • Jaxton

    Beyonce is a narcissist who deserves criticism. Calling someone black is not bigotry if it’s true. Segregation is bigotry.

    Notice that Beyonce doesn’t really fly the flag for glbt rights in the way others do?

  • BriBri

    ESL twitter fights are always entertaining.

    • money718

      I doubt if he even tweeted that. He’s dumb as a rock.

  • jhon_siders

    Well she has NO TALENT ! And the so called other rap artists ?? if you can call them that is just a bunch of no talent foul mouthed arm waving thugs that preach violence and being a useless slacker living off the system is a good thing No real message that that there .

  • Damon54

    I’m tired of hearing about Beyonce. Frankly, I think she’s overrated. But, that’s just my opinion. Now, in as far as Antonio Biaggi is concerned. He’s just a porn star and obviously enjoys himself and provides viewers with a lot of material to enjoy themselves with. So, I’m not so sure that the majority of those tuning in really give much thought as to what Biaggi’s views are. They are mostly enjoying the view.

  • Terrycloth

    Her promo machine has made her a superstar with all the hype…she is so so..take her or leave her & Jennifer lowpants…she’s pretty and can dance but sing ..not really ..they can act “a little ” both believe the hype.. oh I know it’s lopez…

  • Daniel-Reader

    Social media and other sites are plagued by fake servers. Look at the guy who set up millions of fake servers just to game the Amazon ranking system so he could put fake books up and trick people into buying them to the tune of millions of dollars. And that’s just one person. And follower numbers are the same in terms of credibility. That comedian showed you could spend $400 dollars to get a million followers.

  • Giuseppe

    Not sure where the racist rant was but he’s right about Beyonce, OVERRATED!

    • Bob LaBlah

      I’m some times wonder what the hell was on her mind with that spectacle at the Grammys. Was she trying to be Nefertiti or what? It was clear it was meant that she was to be honored as a goddess in that skit but really? A flag was raised when NO negative comments about that performance were on ANY major websites. The same with comments regarding her age. The are gone with the wind in seconds after posting.

  • nitejonboy

    While I agree with him that Bey is highly…highlyyyy, overrated…there’s no call for this kind of racism and these comments. But free speech ya’ll!!

  • seaguy

    I liked him when he just stuck to barebacking bottoms with his big dick.

  • fredo777

    Clearly, the “KFC” and “any black girl” comments were racially motivated statements, but nope, no racism here. Just a guy who doesn’t like Beyonce, apparently. Give me a f***g break.

  • He BGB

    I just realized who he is! I thought that face looked familiar. It’s one about a verbal daddy. Used to be a favorite, a go-to. I couldn’t tell if he was black or latino or a blatino. Now I can put a name with the appendage.

  • TJ1906

    I’m confused as to why anyone gives 2cents about his opinion…he’s a bareback porn star aka trash LMAO and what 3 business could be possibly have…
    1. Escort
    2. Raw Porn star
    3. House Keeping

    BOY BYE…folls love to bring up Beyonce when they in need of attention…that website of his must not be doing good at all

  • Bromancer7

    Well it’s not like he’s wrong.

  • phallictomato

    I didn’t see any racist remarks – am I missing something? So he doesn’t like Beyonce – neither do I – who cares. We all have opinions. Even though I’m not a fan of her, I wouldn’t say she’s not talented. She can dance and sing and has made millions of dollars – so if that ain’t talent, I don’t know what is.

  • stefanocc

    Personally I think his a bit mentally ill, not just for the whole Bey thing but alot of the other crazy stuff he has spewed.

  • Rocka

    He’s said a lot more… Aazah dot com has the receipts. He’s an ignorant individual, and those who don’t recognize the racism within his comments are ignorant as well.

  • Eddie W

    His porn career is washed up LOOKING FOR ATTENTION LMFAO

  • prarie pup

    Poor, poor Beyonce’. If only she had a multi-millionaire husband, millions of dollars of her own, several platinum-selling albums, the ability to sell out STADIUMS around the globe, a LEGION of die-hard fans (gay, straight, male, female, black, white, you name it) sent POSITIVE messages of empowerment that go far beyond “twerking and Voguing” maybe then she’d be able to get over what this guy said about….wait. Huh? She DOES? Never mind.

  • gmale

    apparently prostitutes can be prejudiced too

  • johnsonlover

    Geez.. Attention oversensitive snowflakes… I know your generation wants everyone to think alike, but some people have different thoughts. You don’t have to agree with them, but not everyone is a racist because they don’t agree with you or because they say something you don’t like. The outrage over someone using the words “twerking” “voguing” and “KFC” – OMG the world is going to end.

    Some need to learn to take a joke.., laugh at yourself as much as you do others, and relax. It’s the intolerance of those who are so offended at everything that’s making the United States a worse place to live – not better.

    • heckles202

      I bet you the type that trolls for straight dick, you stupid [email protected]

  • AloeJade

    These comments in the comment section are what are so bothersome and scary. Whether you like Beyonce or not she has millions of fans (and dollars), fans around the world, of all colors, that support her music and her brand. Debate her talent or lack thereof, simply put she has been extraordinarily successful in the music entertainment business, period.

    “any black girl that has a decent voice and a big crew of queens will do the same thing that she does…”??? I guess he does have a good point, when you think of other black girls like Taylor Swift, Cher, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna who have all be extraordinarily successful in the music entertainment business.

  • ErikO

    That’s funny considering he’s a black puerto rican.

  • ErikO

    He is correct considering that she has no talent, can’t sing/act, and she’s an excellent example of everything that’s wrong with the music biz in the past 30 years.

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