Gay adult film star gets loose-lipped about Hollywood A-listers hiring him for sex

Photo: Twitter

Gay adult film star Rafael Alencar and former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Tamara Judge recently appeared on Marc MacNamara’s “Discretion Advised” podcast, where Alencar employed shockingly little discretion in discussing his days as a sex worker for the stars.

In clips of the episode posted to social media, Alencar speaks openly about “sex handlers,” NDAs, and a certain Hollywood actor who he alleges did “bad things to the guys he used to hire.”

“He didn’t pay over 100 people,” Alencar said before bringing up another famous actor’s alleged trysts.

“This sounds like a big lawsuit,” observed Judge.

Here are the clips that have been circulating:

This isn’t the first time Alencar has publicly alleged he’s had sex with famous men.

In another interview with MacNamara back in 2018, he said, “I can tell dead ones because they can’t sue me.”


“I did Swayze,” he continued. “Patrick was very nice.”

“The famous people, the singers and actors they you know, they are gay,” he added. “They have called me. But not because they want me. They cannot be seen in public. They can’t go to bars or restaurants. They can’t go on hookup apps.”

Of course, there’s no way actually verify Alencar’s claims.