Gay adult film star says coronavirus “isn’t deadly enough,” promotes eugenics on Twitter

Quin Quire is a gay adult film performer and self-described “#1 troll since ‘12.” Shortly after it was announced on Friday that the U.S. had added 99,321 new coronavirus cases and 1,030 deaths to its tally, the greatest single-day increase of the pandemic thus far, he decided to take to Twitter to say he wished that number were even higher.

Yesterday, Quire tweeted: “Covid 19 isn’t deadly enough in my opinion. It’s good to kill off the weak from a population to ensure the BEST survival for the group. If it kills me it’s my time but I’m tired of letting the weakest people tell us how to live our lives. F*ck you.”

After writing the tweet, Quire turned off the comments, but that didn’t stop people from responding anyway. Here’s what they’re saying…

Things only got worse from there. Because after igniting a firestorm, Quire followed up with another tweet, writing: “Look in your black mirror and realize you aren’t as open minded as you think. Your shallow wokness evaporating the second some a**hole on his couch tweets is why you suffer.”

And another one that said: “People tweeting @ and canceling their subscription to Porn sites I haven’t worked for in years is hilarious and my greatest troll work to date. The attention has been nice cus with Halloween over I’m already so bored.”

To date, the U.S. has recorded 9 million coronavirus cases and 231,000 COVID-related deaths. Health experts believe the current increase is being driven largely by people who are asymptomatic and are continuing to urge people to wear masks and practice social distancing.

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