Gay adult star pleads guilty to conspiring to sell $1 million worth of marijuana

Gay adult star Chris Bines — aka Steven Sholly — is pleading guilty to conspiracy to sell $1 million in marijuana, along with seven other suspects.

Gay Star News reports Bines entered a plea to a felony drug trafficking charge.

The model was indicted for conspiracy to sell one-hundred kilos of marijuana.

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He faces up to a year in prison, but will likely be sentenced to reduced jail time after entering a plea deal.

Bines was arrested earlier this summer, and subsequently released from custody in October.

He’ll remain out of custody until a sentencing hearing on January 9th.

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  • dgsea06

    Hey QUEERTY! While I read the headline of a porn star conspiring to sell $1 million of marijuana, an enterprise to which I do not object, the first sentence reads that he was selling marijuana, along with seven other suspects.
    I wonder if he was selling the seven other suspects along with the marijuana. Maybe, but most likely not.
    Let’s get this right.: The porn star, along with seven other suspects, are conspiring to sell, Marijuana!
    Syntax , syntax. It’s pronounced the same as “Sin-Tax” but it means something totally else and we all know the difference. Conspiring to sell a legal plant “weed” that grows all over the Planet Earth in abundance and has been enjoyed by all “Civilisatons” whether they acknowledge or not,
    We must be careful with our use of words today as well as yesterday. Maybe more than yesterday. And Tomorrow!
    Love YaQUEERTY01

    • ChrisK

      I just bought 5 grams of this illegal weed today. I feel so rebel and shit. Lol

    • CanadianGuy62

      I do love irony.

      dgsea06 is correcting this guy on his writing, then emphasises a word by using quotation marks – “civilisations” – and spell it incorrectly – “Civilisatons.” Hilarious!

      Also, I’m not sure why he capitalised the word. Nor why there is a period after the word “right” and the colon. Nor why there is a space between the first use of “Syntax” and the comma. Why is there a comma after “sell?” Why is “Tomorrow” capitalised, but not “yesterday?” Why is marijuana capitalised in one usage? And what the hell is, “something totally else?”

      It’s all so rather odd. Anyway…I’m sure I’ve missed several, but I’ll give someone else a chance.

  • flipdiving

    We should have sympathy and share with the people in the third gender as them.
    color switch

    • DCguy

      Ugh, Putin, if you’re going to keep sending trolls onto lgbt sites, please at least find ones that can speak even remedial English, rather than these bots that just barf out a string of unconnected words.

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