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Gay adult star Billy Santoro blasted for mocking fat performers

Billy Santoro, gay adult video, fat shaming

Gay adult performer Billy Santoro recently came under fire for tweeting that he’d refuse to film with any former scene partners who had “gotten fat.”

His tweet said, “I love when someone I filmed with in the past has gotten fat then gets upset when I tell him that I will film with him again when he loses weight. I am not a fan of looking at your fat body rolling around all over Twitter, but I did unfollow you.. no.”

It’s unclear who Santoro was subtweeting exactly, especially since it’s been a little while since he has released a new scene, according to a popular gay adult video gossip blog (link NSFW).

When called out on his tweet, Santoro issued a follow-up which said, “This is my platform to communicate how I see fit. If you don’t like it, I honestly don’t give a sh*t. The reason I have the following I do is because I am real. I am a b*tch to people who are b*tchy. And sweet to those who aren’t. I don’t filter my thoughts and never will.”

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Many of Santoro’s social media followers on Twitter criticized Santoro for his tweet. A few pointed out that gay men suffer from higher rates of body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

Six years ago, Santoro appeared in the first-ever condomless sex scene published by the New York-based Lucas Entertainment. Though he is HIV-negative, Santoro has previously been a vocal advocate for HIV-positive adult video performers blackballed by the industry over their HIV-statuses.

Santoro has also been publicly accused by his husband Seth of physical abuse (link NSFW). Billy initially denied the accusations but later admitted to it in a video (link NSFW). Santoro has also publicly struggled with alcoholism (link NSFW).