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Gay adult studio owner outraged he can’t shoot new scenes, says it’s “causing people to die”

Sergeant Miles

The owner of a gay adult film studio has lashed out at industry regulators for imposing a moratorium on filming new content in light of the COVID-19 crisis, saying “you’re literally killing us.”

Performer and studio owner Sergeant Miles, who has had trouble finding scene partners lately as it is thanks to his winning interpersonal skills and proud support of Donald Trump, is now claiming that his inability to shoot new scenes is “causing people to die.”

In a tweet directed at the Free Speech Coalition, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, and the Adult Performers Guild, Miles posted a video about food shortages in Venezuela and somehow linked the issue to the on-pause adult industry in the United States:

To those that think keeping the economy shut down is a good idea. This guy articulates very well why that will be worse than the virus.
lift this ban and let us work
You’re literally killing us

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The Adult Performers Guild responded to the dramatic complaint, trying to explain why the moratorium is necessary for both health and legal reasons:

We are all under mandatory stay at home orders by our government. FSC could not possibly lift a moratorium when we aren’t legally allowed to work. Performers , producers, directors and crew member’s health and safety is more important.

That didn’t sit well with Miles, who replied:

Your moratorium is causing people to die there blood is on yours and the government hands. I hope you can sleep knowing what you’re doing

And the Guild tried one more time:

The government called the moratorium by creating stay at home orders. We are all doing our best to help others and cope with this crisis. Again, I understand your anger but it is misdirected. Mental health services are still available and we are happy to help

Not helping matters, fellow performer Dante Thick chimed in to boast of his personal rejection of the filming break:

Your right your choice. I’m still filming. F*ck what they say. I don’t bend a knee to no one.
Just be safe. Duh. I don’t need someone telling me what to do with my life.
I hope things take a change soon for you!

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The Free Speech Coalition, for its part, posted an update to its guidelines earlier this month, telling the adult industry:

We will not lift this hold until the spread of the virus is under control and state and local governments allow the resumption of non-essential business.

Protect your safety and that of your community.

  • Stay at home.
  • Shoot only solos or with partners who live in your household.
  • Do not leave your home to work.
  • Do not have physical contact with someone who doesn’t live in your household.