Gay Advertising: Pace Pushes the Stereotype

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Just last week you found us relaying the current status of the advertising industry’s treatment of the gay community: For just about every step forward in representing the gay community positively (though Carson Kressley‘s cameos are debatable), there seems to be a step backward. Queerty reader Michael spotted one of those recidivating spots – which we also came across and record for you, above – from Campbell Soup-owned Pace Salsa, and had this to say:

So, have you seen the new commercial for Pace salsa? In brief, there are some cowboys sitting around a porch while a few others are brushing down their horses. You see one setting hair clips and breaking out a blow dryer. The others on the porch then start talking about how that’s one of those from New York City (that old line, again?) yes, New York City. Flash back to the NY Cowboy as he’s dying and setting his horse’s mane. But then, THEN, they end with “that
just ain’t right.”


I hope my tongue in cheek is coming through, but to be honest, this was about as offensive as the “silly little fairy” commercial. The implicit message is that this guy is gay, and gay is bad. Oh, and eat our salsa.

Looking to voice your displeasure with the ad? You can contact Pace here.

Contact Pace Foods [Official Site]
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