Gay Affirmative Action: Preferential or Advantageous?

Holy Shit! Two education stories in a row? You’re the luckiest folk ever!

This story brings us back to America, where some university officials are debating whether or not gay students should fall under the oh-so-shady affirmative action rules.
The first name in college-related news, Insider Higher Ed, reports:

[Shawn Rae Passalacqua of Middlebury College (which just started an affirmative-esque action)] said that gay students bring “a unique quality” to the college, which he said tries hard not “to be too homogeneous.” Of 6,200 applications last year, 5 students noted their gay identities in their application essays and another 50-plus applicants cited their membership in gay-straight alliances. Passalacaqua said that Middlebury admissions officers were also likely to look favorably and give an admissions tip to “straight allies” of gay students – not just out of support for that view, but because a college benefits from having people who are “bridge builders.”

Hmmm, we’ve never been the biggest fans of affirmative action. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about diversity in our schools and making sure all people have the opportunity to get an education, but there can certainly be some negative effects. No matter how much we like gay people, we’d much rather hang out with a smart straight person than an idiotic homo. But that’s just us. What’s your take, beautiful readers?

Also, as the associate admissions director at Harvey Mudd College, Greg McCandless, it’s pretty hard to prove or discredit a person’s alleged homosexuality. That is, until the nutty right-wing gets their wish and we’re all tattooed with a big G, or something.