Gay Airport Guard Claims Harassment, Breasts

46-year old airport employee Allwyn Rondeau claims his Heathrow colleagues harassed him for being gay. One of his peers, he says, went so as to attack him with her womanly breasts. Titillating!

Rondeau claimed 42-year-old Lucy Chilton “wobbled her breasts” all over his chest as the pair worked at Heathrow.

She also bent over a plane seat, he claimed, and told him: “Come on, give it to me.”

And she allegedly told a fellow worker: “If he wasn’t gay I’d shag him.”

Allwyn, 46, from Feltham, Middlesex, is suing G4S Security Services – formerly Group Four – and four Heathrow employees for discrimination on the grounds of his sexual orientation.

Rondeau described Chilton’s attention as “appalling and shocking”. It’s really not that shocking – she’s no looker and Rondeau’s pretty handsome for an older gent.